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PS2 HD Loader Game Compatibility List 1–14 of 14

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Game Results/Notes
X-Men: Origins Wolverine America 1.80 GB
Compatibility Unknown
v0.8b Compatible
v0.8c Compatible
X-Files: Resist or Serve, The America 2.0 GB
X-Men 2: Wolverine's Revenge America
X-Men: Next Dimension America 1.0 GB
X-Squad America
Xenosaga Episode III, Disc 1 America 4.0 GB
Xenosaga Episode III, Disc 2 America 4.0 GB
XG3 Extreme G Racing America
XGRA America 1.0 GB
X-Men Legends 2 America 1.0 GB
Compatible: [Mode 3]
XIII America 2.0 GB
Compatible: [Mode 3]
Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht America 8.0 GB
Dual-layer disc, will only install first layer unless PC installed
Xenosaga Episode II America
v0.8 Incompatible: Tried different HDLoaders, modes, and nothing makes the game stable, it will freeze on loading screens right when they are about to load turning black, after loading a save and even sometimes, when entering a new screen
X-Men Legends America 2.0 GB
Incompatible: Report of crashes and 'green screen' on last level

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