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Anime Profile: Heat Guy J

USA Info
Japanese Info
Heat Guy J Hiito Gai Jie(ヒートガイジェイ)("Heat Guy J") Heat Guy J
· · ·
  Heat Guy J
26 TV Episodes 26 TV Episodes
July 29, 2003 September 1, 2002–March 25, 2003
FUNimation(currently), Geneon(previously), Bang Zoom! Ent. Satelight/Bandai Visual/TBS/BS-i
  Kazuki Akane
  Kazuki Akane
Mecha, Action Mecha, Action
Claire Leonelli  
· · ·
Daisuke Aurora Daisuke Aurora
· · ·
J (Heat Guy J) J (Heat Guy J)
· · ·
Antonia Bellucci  
· · ·
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Heat Guy J

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Claire Leonelli --?-- Kyoko Milchan --?--
Daisuke Aurora Daisuke Aurora Mauro --?--
J (Heat Guy J) J (Heat Guy J) Monica Gabriel --?--
Antonia Bellucci --?-- Noriega --?--
Boma --?-- Phia Oliviera --?--
Bunny --?-- Romeo Biscani --?--
Cynthia --?-- Shogun --?--
Ian Narse --?-- Shun Aurora --?--
Janis --?-- Tom Yunk --?--
Ken Edmundo --?-- Vivian --?--

Anime Description: Heat Guy J

In the Sprawling Metropolis of Judoh (one of the largest cities on the planet), the Don of the city's criminal organization known as "Vampire" has died. However, the role of Don is left in the hands of his young son Claire Leonelli.

Opposing Vampire is the rather understaffed police force known as the Special Services Division. Among the agents is a laid back young agent named Daisuke Aurora (whose brother is in charge of Special services) and a large and powerful Android known as J]] (also called [[Heat Guy J after the massive amount of steam his body exerts after battle).

Daisuke's calm, collected personality and [[J]]'s strength and wisdom, they do their best to keep an eye on Vampire's activities and keep their criminal activities in check.

Anime Description: Heat Guy J

Heat Guy J takes place in the futuristic city of Judoh, one of the seven largest cities on the planet. The teenaged Claire Leonelli gains leadership of Vampire, the Mafia organization of Judoh after his father dies.

To keep the peace in Judoh and Vampire's activities in check, the city's Bureau of Urban Safety dispaches the Special Services Division, in which operatives Daisuke Aurora and a powerful android named J (who is kept in secret due to laws against androids in Judoh) aim to fight crime and keep the city of Judoh in order.

Ever since Claire Leonelli took over, the Special Service has been getting a lot of complaints. That means that Daisuke and his partner, J, will have a lot to do.

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