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Hell GirlJigoku Shoujo (Season 1) (地獄少女)Hell Girl
26 TV episodes (season 1),
October 23, 2007Oct 4, 2005–April 8, 2006 (Season 1)
· · ·
Oct 7, 2006–April 7, 2007 (Season 2)
FUNimationStudio DEEN, Aniplex, SKY Perfect Well Think Co., Jigoku Shoujo Project
Miyuki Eto (original manga)
Takahiro Oomori
Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Psychologial, DramaHorror, Mystery, Paranormal, Psychologial, Drama
Hell Girl: Two Mirrors (season 2)Jigoku Shoujo: Futakomori (season 2)
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Characters: Hell Girl

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ai Enma Ai Enma Hone-Onna Hone-Onna
Fukumoto Fukumoto Ren Ichimoku Ren Ichimoku
God of Hell God of Hell Tsugumi Shibata Tsugumi Shibata
Grandmother Grandmother Wanyudo Wanyudo
Hajime Shibata Hajime Shibata

Description: Hell Girl

Every twelve midnight you can access Jigoku Tsushin (Hell Hotline) online. If you type the name of someone you have a grudge against there, the Hell Girl will appear and she will introduce herself. She will also give you a straw doll which ties a red string around its neck. The rumors of the site became quite popular with children and students among the cities. However, you must make a contract with the Hell Girl before sending that person to hell.

The Hell Girl really doesn't work alone. She lives with her grandmother who gives advice to her and orders her around. Other than that, she also counts on the help of her three assistants: Ren Ichimoku, a young handsome guy, Hone-Onna, a beautiful and seductive woman, and Wanyudo, an old man who likes to wear old traditional Japanese clothing, hat and a red scarf. If they are not in the Jigoku Shoujo's service. They are transformed back into three simple colored strawdolls.

Description: Hell Girl

Rumor has it that there is a website online, and if you enter in a person's name whom you have a grudge on the site, Jigoku Shoujo or Hell Girl will take them to hell.

However, there is a catch... if the person is taken to hell, when you die you will also go to hell.

The hell girl or Jigoku Shoujo is a girl named Ai Enma, along with her three servants, they run this whole death service.

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