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Hajime ShibataHajime Shibata (柴田)Hajime Shibata (Hell Girl)
Late 20'sLate 20's
Freelance reporter, biographer of Ai EmmaFreelance reporter, biographer of Ai Emma
John Burgmeier (Hell Girl)Yuji Ueda
Episode 8, "Silent Reception"Episode 8, "Silent Reception"
Hell GirlHell Girl
· · ·
Hell Girl: Two MirrorsHell Girl: Two Mirrors

Character Description: Hajime Shibata

Hajime Shibata is a freelance reporter working in Tokyo. However, his stock-and-trade was mostly blackmailing celebrities with scandalous pictures he would see to them, along with the negatives, to prevent their publishing. However, a series of strange events would change his life forever.

Years before, Hajime had met Ayumi Owoga in college while studying journalism there. After a brief romance, the two had married following graduation. However, Hajime's career seemed to take a back seat to their marriage, becoming the sole breadwinner for the two. It had only gotten worse following the birth of their daughter Tsugumi, which kept Hajime away from Ayumi longer. Then one day, Hajime had gotten a tip that a prominent – and married – politician was having an extramarital affair and had staked-out the hotel where the two were having their tryst. It turned-out to be true as the two lovers walked out – but Hajime was shocked to discover the politician's lover was Ayumi! Incensed, Hajime beat the politician senseless, as well as confronting his wife about her infidelity. It was on a rainy night that Hajime threw Ayumi from their home, forbidding her to even contact Tsugumi. Heartbroken, Ayumi drove off from her home – and a few minutes later crashed the car into a building, where she died instantly.

Shocked about how his sense of revenge had cost the life of his wife, Hajime threw himself into his work, while his mature-for-her-years daughter managed to keep house. Then a startling thing happened – Tsugumi was waiting at a railroad crossing for a train when she made eye contact with Ai Emma – which set of a link between the two, Tsugumi somehow knowing of Ai's activities but Ai not knowing about what Tsugumi was thinking. It was then that Hajime, guided by Tsugumi's link, began traversing Japan, hoping to dissuade others from seeking revenge as he did.

Oddly, there was a reason why the link was there. Hajime, as well as Tsugumi, have as a descendant Sentaro Shibata, who was Ai's cousin and sole friend – and who was forced to bury Ai as atonement for thwarting a ritual sacrifice Ai was forced to undergo 400 years before! He had even been spared from being sent to Hell by Tsugumi, who had forgiven her father from his cruel casting-out of her mother years before.

In Hell Girl: Two Mirrors, Hajime continued to try to stop Ai from helping others from seeking revenge. But at the same time, he chronicled Ai's story, then disappeared after it was finished. No one knows where he went, but it was confirmed by Hone-Onna, Ren Ichimoku and Wanyūdō that Hajime was not sent to Hell. Tsugumi went on to become a nurse – and was involved when Yuzuki Mikage became the vessel of Ai's spirit.

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