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Tsugumi ShibataTsugumi Shibata (柴田 つぐみ)Tsugumi Shibata (Hell Girl)
8 years old (Hell Girl, Hell Girl: Two Mirrors), 22 (Hell Girl: Three Vessels)8 years old (Hell Girl, Hell Girl: Two Mirrors), 22 (Hell Girl: Three Vessels)
Student, later a school nurseStudent, later a school nurse
Luci Christian (Hell Girl)Nana Mizuki
Episode 8, "Silent Relationship"Episode 8, "Silent Relationship"
Hell GirlHell Girl
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Hell Girl: Two Mirrors, Hell Girl: Three VesselsHell Girl: Two Mirrors, Hell Girl: Three Vessels

Character Description: Tsugumi Shibata

Tsugumi Shibata is Hajime Shibata's daughter. Somewhat mature for her age, Tsugumi is usually responsible for the housework and cooking while her father is working. She even doesn't refer to Hajime as 'father', instead using his first name.

One day, while on her way back home from school, Tsugumi happened upon Ai Emma while the two stood at opposite sides of a railroad crossing – and their eyes met. When that happened, it set a strange link between the two. Tsugumi could sense and know everything Ai was thinking and planning, but Ai couldn't do the same (possibly due to the fact that an ancestor of Tsugumi and Hajime's, Sentaro Shibata, once knew his cousin Ai).

Still grieving about his actions that led to the death of Tsugumi's mother Ayumi, Hajime used that link to find individuals who had used the Hell Correspondence website, and try to persuade them not to seek revenge. But at first, Tsugumi didn't seem to mind that Ai was acting the way she did. In Tsugumi's mind, those sent to Hell by Ai usually got what they deserved, and it was not her business if they were condemned. However, she had a change of heart after an innocent nurse was sent to Hell by a drug addict she was treating – and the addict killed himself afterward. She even decides to forgive her father for his actions regarding her mother's death, and doesn't send him to Hell, even when Ai was trying to tempt her to do so.

It was years later when, after Hajime disappeared following his publishing of Ai's biography – as well as Ai's apparent death as a result of actions by Kukuri – Tsugumi became a nurse at the school of Yuzuki Mikage, during the time the girl became the vessel for Ai.

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