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Character Profile: Paladin Alexander Anderson

USA Info
Japanese Info
Paladin Alexander Anderson   Paladin Alexander Anderson (Hellsing)
Angle Dust Anderson  
Human Human
Male Male
Blond Blond
Green Green
Part of the Iscariot Organization Part of the Iscariot Organization
"I am the will of God, messenger of the divine punishment of Heaven."  
Steven Brand Tanaka Hideyuki
Order 03: Sword Dancer Order 03: Sword Dancer
Hellsing Hellsing

Character Description: Paladin Alexander Anderson

Paladin Alexander Anderson is one of the most prized agents of the secret Vatican sect - Section 13, the Iscariot Organization. His goals are the same as the Hellsing Organization, but he fights for the Catholics (Protestants and the Catholics are bitter enemies). Alexander is a Regenerator as Arucard says, where he can amazingly regenerate (which he shows when Arucard shoots a silver bullet in his head).

He fights using blessed blades and weird papers that contains scriptures. He is one of the rivals of Arucard but soon realizes Arucard's' abilities.

Character Description: Paladin Alexander Anderson

Paladin Alexander Anderson was sent by the Iscariot Organization to eliminate the vampires in England. His first trip there, he encounters Alucard and sworn him his rival. He hates both vampires and Hellsing, and doesn't seem to mind killing Hellsing members as well as vampires.

Not much is truly known about Alexander Anderson. He fights using blessed knives, which are actually modified bayonets. He has amazing strength and agility, plus he uses Scripture of some kind to cleanse a room of anything evil. If that's not enough, he is what Alucard calls a "Regenerator" in which he can regenerate anything (he even survives one of Alucard's silver bullets from point blank range to his head).

Character Description: Paladin Alexander Anderson

Alexander Anderson is a monk/paladin from the "13th Vatican section" a.k.a the Iscariot Organization. He is like Alucard but serves the catholic church instead of the Protestant church of Britain. He uses blessed blades to kill all sorts of vampires. He is blonde, has a gray coat, glasses, and a pair of gloves. Like Alucard's gloves, they have some inscription on them (Jesus Christ is in Heaven).

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