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Character Profile: Enrico Salvaletti

USA Info
Japanese Info
Enrico Salvaletti Enrico Salvaletti Enrico Salvaletti (Hellsing)
Freak(artificial vampire) Freak(artificial vampire)
Male Male
19 years old 19 years old
Blonde Blonde
Student Student
Hisato Masuyama Ryotaro Okiayu
Order 03: Sword Dancer Order 03: Sword Dancer
Hellsing Hellsing
See Also
Enrico Maxwell(from Hellsing Ultimate) Enrico Maxwell(from Hellsing Ultimate)

Character Description: Enrico Salvaletti

Enrico Salvaletti was a member of a noble family in Italy who was a student in an English university. He was also a homosexual who was transformed into a freak... an artificial vampire... by a chip that was implanted behind his right ear. He had killed his lover, a boy named Mick, in the hopes that the two could be together forever as vampires. Unfortunately, the other students and the dorm monitor had stumbled into him. Mick was cremated before he could transform into a ghoul. (In the Hellsing reality, vampires can only transform virgins of the opposite sex into vampires. Those who are not virgins, or of the same sex, are transformed into cannibalistic ghouls.)

It was because of Salvaletti that the Hellsing Organization was made aware of the "Freak Chip", which was removed from him. However, after the autopsy on him was performed. Salvaletti's body was left in the morgue for his family to claim. But somehow, without the chip, Salvaletti revived, still a vampire. He ended up killing the morgue staff and went on a rampage, calling out for his lover. The London police were also called, but was also killed or turned to ghouls. The Hellsing Organization then went to the hospital to stop him.

Seras Victoria, along with her commander, Garath, had intercepted Stilaetti. Seras destroyed the ghouls that Stilaetti had created. But before they could destroy Salvaletti himself, Garath was killed and Seras injured by Paladin Alexander Anderson of Iscariot's Section XIII. Anderson was about to destroy Salvaletti, but Alucard had beaten the Iscariot assassin to the prize.

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