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Japanese Info
KimKimKim (Hellsing)
21 years old21 years old
TV reporterTV reporter
Pam SusslinMai
Order 02, "Club M"Order 02, "Club M"

Character Description: Kim

It is an often-said proverb 'it was curiosity that had killed the cat'. If that's true, then Kim's story is the closest to the truth.

Her story had begun after she had left a club in London on a rainy night. She had caught sight of a woman in tattered clothing advancing towards her. It turned out the woman was a vampire, and had nearly killed her before the Hellsing Organization had destroyed it (Seras Victoria had gotten a clear shot at her, but hesitated and her backup, Gareth, destroyed it.).

From then on, Kim had devoted herself to finding out about the organization that had saved her. She had found a tape from an Internet hacker known as "Flesh". He had accessed an attack from the Hellsing Organization's attack on an London flat. She had some help, though. A new member of the organization, Steadler, had leaked information and set hidden cameras for others to see. Steadler had replaced Gareth, who was killed by Paladin Alexander Anderson, and was engaging in what can be construed as sexual harassment aimed at Seras Victoria.

Of course, Kim was supposed to investigate the phenomenon of Internet "snuff" films. The Hellsing Organization had found one such tape... one which the deceased Gareth was a guest. She had met Steadler in a pub, but did not notice that Seras was trailing Steadler because of events the previous night. She had followed them to a secret taping session of a snuff film, where a FREAK (artificial vampire) was about to kill an unsuspecting victim, a drug addict who only wanted money for his next high. Alucard had interrupted the session, but the addict was killed anyway. Alucard then killed the FREAK using his Casull, and shattered the one-way mirror where Steadler and Kim were watching and was about to kill them too, but Seras interrupted him. Fargason and Sir Integra had entered the studio, and Steadler was taken into custody. However, Sir Integra had determined that Kim's involvement was beyond human law, and allowed Alucard take care of her. The red-clad vampire then proceeded to drink Kim's blood, killing her.

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