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Luke ValentineLuke Valentine (Hellsing)
Freak (artificial vampire)Freak (artificial vampire)
Mid 20'sMid 20's
Part of the Valentine BrothersPart of the Valentine Brothers
Patrick SeitzTakehito Koyasu

Character Description: Luke Valentine

Luke Valentine is one half of the group of freaks - artificial vampires - known as the Valentine Brothers. Both of them were servants of the true vampire Incognito, aiding in his quest to unleash the demon Set on England.

Luke was not exactly like his brother, Jan, who liked to cause chaos whenever he wanted. Rather, he kept himself busy with operating a nightclub in London's Soho district - which often employed leather-clad freak women as waitresses.

All that changed when an MI-5 agent tried to infiltrate the club with phony credentials from an associate of the Valentine Brothers, hoping to get information about the "Freak Chip". Luke had been warned forehand that the aforementioned associated had been arrested five days before, and had the agent killed, his body found floating in the Thames River with a Union Jack impaled in him. Because of an earlier story which mentioned the Hellsing Organization, Luke decided to stage an attack on the organization's compound, where the Knights of the Round Table were staging a meeting concerning the freak problem. But first, they needed an army.

A group of armed religious extremists was the first victims, turned into ghouls by the brothers' freak servants. They left one of them at the site, as well as a bomb, then called the police, knowing the Hellsing Organization would respond. Thankfully, Seras Victoria had smelled the bomb's presence and warned the assault team before it went off.

The next day, the brothers staged an attack on the Hellsing Organization's compound, killing or turning to ghouls two-thirds of the organization's army. Luke had destroyed the escape helicopter which the Knights would have used, then proceeded to his true target - Alucard.

Luke Valentine, because of his nature, had great speed, and was able to dodge the bullets fired by Alucard's .454 Casull, as well as surviving a point-blank hit to the chest. However, Luke was unprepared when Alucard unleashed his "Cromwell Approval" form, and fled in terror. However, Alucard had shot off his legs, using for the first time his "Jackal" gun. Alucard had implored Luke to unleash his true form and fight back, but Luke - who had no such powers - was too terrified to act. Finally, with a sense of disappointment, Alucard crushed his body, leaving nothing except a bloody smear.

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