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Character Profile: The Vicar

USA Info
Japanese Info
The Vicar The Vicar The Vicar (Hellsing)
Freak(artificial vampire) Freak(artificial vampire)
Male Male
Gray Gray
Anglican vicar Anglican vicar
J. B. Blanc Masahiko Tanaka
Hellsing Hellsing

Character Description: The Vicar

On June 12, an Anglican vicar was assigned to a church in the English village of Cheddar. Soon afterward, a number of disappearances and deaths had occurred in that village. Soon, the local constabulary had approached the vicar, because he seemed to be at the center of these disappearances. They were all killed.

Soon afterward, the London Police Authority had dispatched a Division 11 squad (which had as a member a very human Seras Victoria) to Cheddar. Oddly enough, the squad was attacked by ghouls who were once constables of the village. Almost all of them were killed and/or turned into ghouls.

VicarSeras Victoria, after confronting ghouls who were once her fellows, not to mention confronting Alucard, who was dispatched by the Hellsing Organization to destroy the vicar, who was really a freak or artificial vampire, had stumbled into the village church, where the vicar was waiting for her.

Quickly, the vicar used his powers to subdue Seras, and was about to make her a vampire when Alucard burst into the church. The vicar, using the ghouls he transformed, tried to kill Alucard but failed. After Alucard dispatched the ghouls, he aimed his .454 Casull at the vicar. Feeling cornered, the vicar used Seras as a shield, then tried to persuade Alucard to join him. However, Alucard told Seras he planned to shoot through her to destroy the vampiric priest and offered Seras a choice: to become a vampire and join him. She agreed and Alucard shot through her and destroyed the Vicar.

True to his promise, Alucard drank Seras' blood and transformed her into a vampire, where she joined Alucard with the Hellsing Organization.

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