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Seras VictoriaVictoria Seras (セラス・ヴィクトリア)Seras Victoria (Hellsing)
· · ·
Ceras Victoria (alternate spelling)
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"Police Girl"
Vampire (was human)Vampire (was human)
19 years old19 years old
Red (was blue)Red (was blue)
Member of Hellsing OrganizationMember of Hellsing Organization
"Yes, master"
K.T. GrayFumiko Orikasa
Order 01: "The Undead"Order 01: "The Undead"
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Seras Victoria (from Hellsing Ultimate)

Character Description: Seras Victoria

Seras was originally a police officer sent with her patrol to investigate a vampire who was disguised as a priest. Her entire patrol was turned into ghouls. She finally ran into a vampire who tried to turn her into a vampire. However, when Alucard turned up, he had to shoot her in order to kill the vampire. She allowed herself to be turned into a vampire by Alucard in order to live. Thus she became a member of the Hellsing Organization.

Seras is good with guns and since she is a vampire, has great strength and eyesight. Although she is a vampire, she hates human blood. She refers to Alucard as "Master".

In the English version, her name is said in the traditional Japanese style, Ceras Victoria, with the family name preceding the given name.

Character Description: Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria was once part of a police unit who was dispatched to investiagte a mass murder in England's countryside. The operation went wrong when a vampire attacked her unit, and only she was left. On the fateful night, she became a vampire by Alucard, in order to save her life after Alucard shot through her to kill the vampire priest.

Now she fights for the Hellsing Organization, learning to become a member of the organization and also learn how to fully become one of the Creatures of the Night... even if it means drinking blood which she is disgusted by.

Seras packs a very large sniper rifle.

Character Description: Seras Victoria

Ceras Victoria- as human Ceras Victoria (called "Kitten" by her comrades in the police because of her inexperience, short stature, and cute appearance) makes a dramatic life change when she's sent out with her fellow police officers to secure a ravaged town. She was following in her father's footsteps, and she wanted to make an impression. What wasn't known at the time was that the events of that town had come from the village priest, who had turned the rest of the town into ghouls. Drawn away for a moment, she first meets Alucard, then learns that the ghouls had pounced on the rest of her squad and turned them into ghouls also.

Alucard would then come to Ceras' rescue again when the priest himself tries to enslave her. However, the priest uses her as a shield. Alucard warns her of what he needed to do, and she accepted. So Alucard shot through Ceras to take out the priest. The wound, though mortal, is not instantly fatal. Alucard (with her consent) drinks her blood, binding Ceras to Alucard as a vampire.

Halconnen cannon Ceras becomes used to Alucard's new little pet name for her: Police Girl. Because she's a vampire, her once-blue eyes are now red. Her senses of sight, hearing, and smell are greatly enhanced, as is her physical strength. This is why Peter Fargason issues her heavy weaponry: despite their weight, she can handle them like they're rifles. Walter eventually gives Seras the largest gun in the Hellsing arsenal: the Halconnen 30mm anti-freak cannon. Being bonded to Alucard, she can receive thoughts from him telepathically, and she slowly begins to hone a psychic perception that helps her to recognize strange situations. At least once, Alucard has even offered Ceras the chance to become an unbound, free vampire by offering his own neck, but she's been too scared to take that step as yet.

But of course, being a vampire has its drawbacks. Though resistant to most forms of attack, silver (particularly blessed silver) can burn her (she receives a scar in her neck from an attack by Paladin Anderson). Sunlight can hurt, too, so she's become nocturnal by nature; however, she can come out if the sunlight isn't that strong (such as around dusk or on cloudy days). Her room in the Hellsing mansion is in a windowless bedroom in a basement. Bit by bit she gets used to these concessions. But the one thing she can't get used to, though, is the thirst for blood: the big thing that reminds her that she's not really human anymore. At first, she refuses to drink it (she's given transfusion blood to keep things safe), but after seeing Alucard bite into a woman who knew too much about Hellsing, the blood thirst finally got to her and she began drinking it. She does it reluctantly but understands the necessity.

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