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Character Profile: The Captain

USA Info
Japanese Info
The Captain The Captain The Captain (Hellsing Ultimate)
Lycanthrope(werewolf) Lycanthrope(werewolf)
Male Male
Unknown Unknown
White White
Blue Blue
Agent of Millennium, bodyguard of the Major Agent of Millennium, bodyguard of the Major
Episode 3 Episode 3
Hellsing Ultimate Hellsing Ultimate

Character Description: The Captain

The Captain is the direct adjutant and bodyguard of the Major, leader of Millennium. A silent individual wearing an old-styled World War II-era greatcoat, the Captain is one of the Major's most loyal soldiers, besides Rip van Winkle. The Captain and Walter C. Dolnez do have some history together, since they had fought against each other during World War II, when Walter and Alucard initially destroyed Millennium's laboratories in Nazi-held Warsaw in Poland (it is also speculated that the Captain also participated in the Malmedy Massacre, where allied P.O.W.'s were murdered during the Battle of the Bulge).

The Captain is also a natural lycanthrope, or werewolf. His lack of physically aging is possibly a consequence of the nature of his body. He has the ability to change his form at will, which varies from a human-sized bipedal wolf-form, to a gigantic true wolf-form. He had used this form when he and Walter first battled, and later during the final battle in London, when he went against Seras Victoria (whose vampiric power was elevated due to drinking the blood of the deceased Pip Bernadotte).

Also of note: the Captain's name is a major item of contention. The name 'Hans Günshe' has been given to him by various members of the Hellsing fan base. But this name came from a proto-character from one of Kohta Hirano's earlier hentai creations, and has not been applied to the manga and OVA character.

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