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Japanese Info
The DoctorThe DoctorThe Doctor (Hellsing Ultimate)
Possibly humanPossibly human
Over 100 years of ageOver 100 years of age
Light bluish-green (Obscured by glasses)Light bluish-green (Obscured by glasses)
Agent and chief scientist of MillenniumAgent and chief scientist of Millennium
Marcelo TubertHiroshi Naga
Episode 3Episode 3
Hellsing UltimateHellsing Ultimate

Character Description: The Doctor

A semi-mad genius wearing a bloodstained lab coat, the Doctor is the individual responsible for Millennium's threat to the world. He is the one, with the patronage of the Major, who has created the FREAK chip responsible for flooding the world with artificial vampires. And now, he is helping the Major in a bid to send England in flames by using FREAK soldiers to attack it.

Originally, the Doctor worked with Nazi Germany under Order 666, the secret order given by Hitler during World War II, the plan being to create vampiric soldiers to supplement the ranks of the Waffen SS. However, those plans were dashed when his labs were destroyed by Alucard (in the form of a young girl at the time), and a young Walter C. Dolnez. However, the Doctor was intrigued by the fighting spirit of the young Walter. So somehow, he had Walter brainwashed to a point as to become an unconscious sleeper agent, all the while loyally serving the Hellsing family for over 60 years (during this time supplying secret information which the Valentine Brothers used in their attack on the Hellsing Organization, among others).

Walter, also, was absent when Richard Hellsing tried to kill Integra ten years before, when Alucard was released from his imprisonment). Afterwhich, the Doctor, along with the rest of Millennium, as well as a corps of SS officers (among which were Zorin Blitz, the Captain and Rip van Winkle) evacuated to Brazil to continue the Major's plans.

Besides the FREAK chip, the Doctor had also created Warrant Officer Schrödinger, a catboy who is also a quantum anomaly that can exist – and at the same time NOT exist. The Doctor is also apparently a polydactyl, meaning that he has an extra digit on each of his hands, which he usually conceals by stuffing his last two fingers in one finger of his glove.

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