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Character Profile: Jan Valentine

USA Info
Japanese Info
Jan Valentine Yan Varentain(ヤンヴァレンタイン) Jan Valentine (Hellsing Ultimate)
· · ·
Yan Valentine(alternate spelling)  
FREAK(artificial vampire) FREAK(artificial vampire)
Male Male
Mid's 20's Mid's 20's
Black Black
Yellow Yellow
Agent of Millennium Agent of Millennium
"Okay, listen-up maggots, you make the kill, you drink the spill!"  
Josh Phillips Wataru Takagi(高木 渉)
Episode 2 Episode 2
Hellsing Ultimate Hellsing Ultimate

Character Description: Jan Valentine

An agent of the Nazi Millennium organization, Jan Valentine, along with his older brother Luke, had launched an attack upon the Hellsing mansion, during a meeting of the Knights of the Round Table, where Sir Integra was discussing the existence of the FREAK chip. Rude, vulgar and foul-mouthed, Jan led the assault on the mansion with an army of ghouls, as well as being armed with two modified FN Herstal P-90 submachine guns firing 5.7x22mm ammunition. With all this behind him, Jan managed to slaughter the majority of Sir Integra's army, as well as transforming a good number of them into ghouls for use as a back-up army. Luke, in the meantime, went after Alucard.

Jan had managed to reach to top of the mansion, where the Round Table was meeting. However, he was stopped initially by the Hellsing butler Walter, who also had Seras backing him up with her newly-acquired Harkonnen cannon. The two managed to stop and capture Jan at first, but Jan broke free and unleashed the Hellsing soldiers he made into ghouls while he assaulted the Round Table room – only to be stopped by Sir Integra, Sir Hugh Islands, Sir Shelby Penwood, Sir Robert Walsh and the rest of the Round Table, all twelve members armed with pistols (the ghoul Hellsing soldiers were beaten back when Seras went into a berserker rage and tore them apart, stopped only by Sir Integra). Beaten and knowing he was about to be incinerated by the Doctor any moment, Jan spent his last moments by taunting Sir Integra with a warning as he burned-up... 'Beware... the... Millennium!'

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