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Luke ValentineRuku Varentain (ルーク ヴァレンタイン)Luke Valentine (Hellsing Ultimate)
Oberscharführer (Warrent Officer) Luke Valentine
FREAK (artificial vampire)FREAK (artificial vampire)
Mid to late 20'sMid to late 20's
Pale blondePale blonde
Agent of MillenniumAgent of Millennium
Patrick SeitzTakehito Koyasu (子安 武人)
Episode 2Episode 2
Hellsing UltimateHellsing Ultimate

Character Description: Luke Valentine

Holding the Schutzstaffel (SS) rank of Oberscharführer (warrant officer), Millennium agent Luke Valentine, along with his brother Jan, spearheaded a preemptive strike upon the Hellsing mansion, with a platoon of ghouls. The attack was carried-out during a meeting of the Knights of the Round Table, where Sir Integra was briefing them on the existence of the FREAK chip. Unlike Jan, who was vulgar and easily excited, Luke was calm and more crafted, with a clearer strategic mind. He also possessed great speed, which he used to kill the soldiers guarding the Hellsing mansion.

But Luke's mission was, given to him by the Major, was to kill Alucard, and he confronted the No-Life King in his subbasement lair, armed with his speed and two modified M-1 carbines. Although he had success at first, Luke was witness to Alucard using his 'Cromwell Invocation', which was one step below the total release of his full power. Upon seeing Alucard's near-full power, which included the Black Hound of Baskerville, Luke fled in terror, but was wounded severely, both his legs shot off by Alucard's newly-acquired Jackal gun. While at first delighted upon seeing a worthy opponent with this FREAK, Alucard soon became disgusted with Luke's show of cowardice, and had the hound devour him.

But this was not the last time Luke Valentine made an appearance. During the battle between Alucard and an altered Walter, Alucard, who had his full power released by Sir Integra so that he could deal with Iscariot and Millennium forces decimating London, used the Black Hound on Walter, who used his wires to destroy the hound. When this happened, Luke was resurrected, only to be captured and used by Walter as a weapon against Alucard. Luke was finally destroyed when, after being freed by Alucard, was used as a stand-in for him, foiling Walter's attack. Alucard was later rendered unable to recognize himself as an individual when, after drinking the blood of 3.5 million slain people, he ended-up adding the blood of Schrödinger, who had killed himself at the orders of the Major.

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