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Character Profile: Warrant Officer Schrödinger

USA Info
Japanese Info
Warrant Officer Schrödinger Obersturmführer Schrödinger(シュレディンガー) Warrant Officer Schrödinger (Hellsing Ultimate)
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Warrant Officer Schrodinger(alternate spelling) Obersturmführer Schrodinger(alternate spelling)
Humanoid cat, quantum anomaly Humanoid cat, quantum anomaly
Male Male
Appears to be 12 Appears to be 12
Blonde Blonde
Red Red
Agent, envoy, and spy for Millennium Agent, envoy, and spy for Millennium
"I am everywhere - and nowhere."  
Laura Bailey RyA?ko Shiraishi
Episode 4 Episode 4
Hellsing Ultimate Hellsing Ultimate

Character Description: Warrant Officer Schrödinger

Schrodinger, an agent of Millennium, is the creation of the Doctor, and usually sits at the feet of the Major. When he is not acting as the Major's personal lackey, he serves Millennium as a spy and a modified envoy, holding the rank of Obersturmführer (warrant officer) of the Hitler Youth.

Schrodinger is an odd individual. As a catboy, he is almost never seen not smirking for some reason. But he also has a unique ability – he seems to both exist and NOT exist at the same time! This could explain the reason why Schrodinger is able to survive anything – including a direct head-shot from Alucard's Jackal gun! He can also appear to communicate telepathically with other members of Millennium, to deliver either orders from the Major – or punishments when the Major saw fit (he informed Zorin Blitz about the Major's decision not to have her body emmolated for her unauthorized attack on the Hellsing Mansion, afterwhich she was killed by a now-empowered Seras Victoria, who finally realized her true vampiric potential after a dying Pip Bernadotte offered her his blood). He also is very close to Rip Van Winkle - but this closeness may just be a front for leading her into a sense of false security.

Note: Schrodinger's name and appearance is a direct reference to the "Schrodinger's cat" quantum thought experiment proposed by physicist Erwin Schrodinger, which he used to try to explain subatomic decay in radioactive elements.

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