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Seras VictoriaVictoria Seras (セラス・ヴィクトリア)Seras Victoria (Hellsing Ultimate)
"Police Girl"
True vampireTrue vampire
19 years old (bright red when power is active, later orange-red)19 years old (bright red when power is active, later orange-red)
Former constable, now agent of the Hellsing OrganizationFormer constable, now agent of the Hellsing Organization
"Makes me wonder, does it... if there are any normal people in this bloody place."
Katherine T. Gray (adult); Karen Strassman (young Seras, episode 7)Fumiko Orikasa (折笠 富美子)
Episode 1Episode 1
Hellsing UltimateHellsing Ultimate
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Ceras Victoria (from Hellsing)Victoria Seras (from Hellsing)

Character Description: Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria, a young police constable, was caught in the chaos of a vampire's rampage in the village she was assigned to, Cheddar, surrounded by ghouls. The principle vampire, who was the village's vicar, captured her and threatened to rape her (she was a virgin), then drain her blood to make her a ghoul. However, Alucard then interceded and destroyed the ghouls in the village. But when the vicar tried to use Seras as a shield, Alucard was forced to shoot through Seras in order to kill the vicar... but only after finding out Seras was a virgin, so that he can save her by drinking her blood and turning her into a true vampire.

Seras afterward was placed within the Hellsing Organization, where Alucard trains her to hunt other vampires that threaten England. Normally, Seras would have almost the same powers as Alucard. She does have enhanced strength and senses, but since she has yet to drink human blood, she hasn't achieved her full potential. She fears drinking blood, because to her it would mean surrendering the last of her humanity.

Seras Victoria (Hellsing Ultimate) But Seras was to undergo startling changes during the attack upon London and the Hellsing Organization by Millennium. While fighting Zorin Blitz at the Hellsing mansion, Seras was assaulted by images of her past – about the killing of her parents by criminals and her troubles in the various orphanages she grew up in. Taking advantage of this, Zorin cut-off her left arm and blinded her using her scythe. But Zorin also made the mistake of belittling a fatally-wounded Pip Bernodotte. Wishing for Seras to make an example of the Nazi vampire, Pip – after stealing a kiss from Seras – asked the wounded vampire to drink his blood after he died. Feeling guilty for not being able to stop Zorin when she had the chance, Seras complied... and as a result, her powers magnified greatly! She now possessed almost the equivalent power of Alucard, and the stump of her left arm now had an amorphous black appendage that could assume any shape. Using her new powers, Seras was able to kill Zorin, grinding her head into the floor. She then used her new powers to join Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, who was fighting against Millennium in London.

Seras also has access to all the Hellsing Organization's stores of weaponry. But her principal weapon is the Harkonnen cannon, a huge 30mm single shot gun which shoots a variety of shells, ranging from depleted uranium (for close-up attacks) to explosive shells (for long distance). And during Zorin’s attack on the Hellsing mansion, Seras used another version of the Harkonnen – this time, twin 30mm belt-fed cannons that she used to bring-down the zeppelin attacking the mansion.

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