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Walter C. DolnezWalter C. DolnezWalter C. Dolnez (Hellsing Ultimate)
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Walter C. Dornez (alternate spelling)Walter C. Dornez (alternate spelling)
"The Angel of Death"Shinigami
Human (later FREAK, artificial vampire)Human (later FREAK, artificial vampire)
Late 60's to early 70'sLate 60's to early 70's
Butler, retired Hellsing operative, later agent of MillenniumButler, retired Hellsing operative, later agent of Millennium
"Now if you'll excuse me, it's time I gave these young people a proper lesson in violence."
Ralph ListerMotomu Kiyokawa (清川 元夢) (old Walter); Daisuke Namikawa (浪川 大輔) (young adult Walter, episodes 8-10); Romi Park (朴 璐美) (teenaged Walter, episode 10 and 'The Dawn')
Episode 1Episode 1
Hellsing UltimateHellsing Ultimate
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Walter C. Dolnez (from Hellsing)Walter C. Dolnez (from Hellsing)

Character Description: Walter C. Dolnez

Walter C. Dolnez's involvement with the Royal Order of Protestant Knights Hellsing, began during World War II when he was just 14 years old. He and Alucard (who at the time was in the form of a young girl) were involved in destroying a secret Nazi organization named Millennium, which was experimenting with creating vampire soldiers. The two destroyed all of Millennium's assets in Europe, and supposedly Millennium itself.

Walter remained with the Hellsing Organization after the war, becoming one of their deadliest agents, which prompted Alucard to name him "the Angel of Death". Walter later retired as an active field agent but remained with the Hellsing family as their butler... as well as the organization's computer expert and gunsmith. It was Walter that had designed and built Alucard and Seras Victoria's weapons.

Walter C. Dolnez (Hellsing Ultimate) Walter's skills as a vampire hunter are quite extraordinary themselves. Even for a man in his late 60's, he is still fit and agile. His principal weapons are monofilament wires fitted in his gloves. He can use these wires to cut through most materials, be it steel – or the bodies of ghouls and vampires.

However, Walter possesses a darker secret, even to himself. During WWII, Millennium's chief scientist, the Doctor, had somehow brainwashed Walter, placing him as their sleeper agent within Hellsing. It is believed that Walter may have been the one who leaked information on the Hellsing Organization's weaknesses and supplied them to the Valentine Brothers for their attack on the organization. Also, Walter was strangely absent from the Hellsing mansion ten years before, when Richard Hellsing sought to kill Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, still a teenager, when Richard found out he wasn't to inherit the leadership of Hellsing.

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