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Character Profile: Lt. Zorin Blitz

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lt. Zorin Blitz Lt. Zorin Burittsu(ゾーリン・ブリッツ中尉) Lt. Zorin Blitz (Hellsing Ultimate)
FREAK(artificial vampire) FREAK(artificial vampire)
Female Female
Over 80 years old Over 80 years old
Blonde Blonde
Green Green
6'4" 193 cm
160 lbs 72.6 kg
Member of Millennium Member of Millennium
Helena Taylor(episode 4), Rachel Robinson(episodes 5-7) Yoko Soumi(沢海 陽子)
Episode 4 Episode 4
Hellsing Ultimate Hellsing Ultimate

Character Description: Lt. Zorin Blitz

Like Tubalcain Alhambra and Rip Van Winkle, Zorin Blitz is a member of Millennium, and like Rip one of the original members of the last battalion of the Waffen SS led by the Major to leave for Brazil in the closing days of World War II, holding the rank of first lieutenant. Physically strong and massively muscled, the right half of her body is decorated with unusual tattoos all over it. Zorin is also one of the most sadistic and cruel members of Millennium. Aside from carrying a large scythe with her, she is also well versed in casting realistic illusions. Using her right hand, which seems to have an eye in the palm, she is able of either casting a mass hallucination to disrupt attacks – or can make a more personal attack, often using an individual's memories against them.

During Millennium's attack of London, Zorin was ordered by the Major to attack the Hellsing Organization's headquarters – but not to attack them directly. However, the zeppelin she and a third of the vampire force rode in was brought down by Seras Victoria, who used her Harkonnen II cannons. Using her illusion casting powers, she was able to allow her forces to attack the mansion directly, slaughtering much of the Wild Geese inside. When she confronted Seras, who was now out of ammunition, Zorin attacked her mind directly, bringing forth the young vampire's memories of the murders of her parents. Paralyzed by this, Zorin then sliced off Seras' left arm with her scythe, then crippled her legs and blinded her. However, before Zorin could decapitate Seras, she was attacked by Pip [Bernadotte], who was injured himself. But before Pip could carry Seras to safety, Zorin ran him through with her scythe. But before he died, Pip stole a kiss from Seras – and asked her to drink his blood. With that, Seras complied – and finally became a full vampire. She then proceeded to decimate Zorin's forces and attacked Zorin directly. But when Zorin tried to use her powers again on Seras' mind, she was blocked by Pip, who was now a familiar of Seras, who used fragments of different memories to protect Seras. She was then contacted by Schrödinger, who informed Zorin that, as punishment for disobeying the Major's orders by directly attacking Hellsing, she was to be killed by Seras rather than be burned alive. Seras then ground Zorin's head into the wall, ending her unlife.

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