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Here is GreenwoodKoko wa Greenwood (ここはグγƒͺーンウッド) ("Here is Greenwood")Here is Greenwood
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Here is Greenwood
6 OVA episodes6 OVA episodes
1996 (VHS), 2004 (DVD)1992
Software Sculptors/TAJ Studios (1996 VHS release)Hakusensha/Victor
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AnimeWorks/Bang Zoom! Entertainment (2004 DVD release)
Yukie Nasu
Comedy, Coming of AgeComedy, Coming of Age
Kazuhiro HasukawaKazuhiro Hasukawa
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Kazuya HasukawaKazuya Hasukawa
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Characters: Here is Greenwood

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Kazuhiro Hasukawa Kazuhiro Hasukawa Shinobu Tezuka Shinobu Tezuka
Kazuya Hasukawa Kazuya Hasukawa Shun Kisaragi Shun Kisaragi
Mitsuru Ikeda Mitsuru Ikeda Sumire Hasukawa βŠ• Sumire Hasukawa βŠ•

Description: Here is Greenwood

What would a guy do when he discovers that his first love has married his brother? For Kazuya Hasukawa, he finds a potential solution in the dorms of Ryokuto Academy. Things seem all right at first. He ends up rooming at the relatively independent Ryokurin Hall, better known as Greenwood (easier to pronounce, they say).

Then, he learns of his roommate...and this is just the beginning. Here is Greenwood, home of the craziest, zaniest, and by far most unusual students that ever attended Ryokuto Academy or perhaps any other school.

Based on a book by Yukie Nasu, Here is Greenwood is the story of probably the unluckiest guy around and his quest to survive high school, avoid the hell he once called home and the love who is now his sister-in-law, and try to understand all the zaniness that is the norm and not the exception in his residence hall.

Audio Files: Here is Greenwood

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