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Character Profile: Kazuya Hasukawa

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kazuya Hasukawa Kazuya Hasukawa Kazuya Hasukawa (Here is Greenwood)
Human Human
Male Male
About 16-17 years About 16-17 years
Red Red
Brown Brown
High school student High school student
Ted Lewis(1996 VHS release) Nozomu Sasaki
· · ·
Johnny Yong Bosch(credited as Kevin Hatcher)(2004 DVD release)  
Here is Greenwood Koko wa Greenwood

Character Description: Kazuya Hasukawa

Kazuya at first appears to be the only ordinary person in the most unordinary residence hall in Ryokuto Academy. However, even he has his quirk. He is perhaps the most unlucky student at the school. To begin, the first and currently only love of his life married his brother. Then, when he tried to apply for Ryokuto, he ran into mishap after mishap, ultimately ending up being sent to the hospital the day before opening ceremonies and behind by a whole month by the time he was out. (play video clip)

Kazuya got quite a reception when he first arrived in Greenwood. First, he met recruiters from just about every club in the school. Since they could not recruit directly, they just held up signs and stood there. He then met the resident who belonged to a religious cult. Things just got weirder and weirder.

Finding out that Shun was his roommate was supposed to be the icing on the cake. Of all the things to happen! Him rooming with a girl when he came to Ryokuto to GET AWAY from a woman! Once he learned that Shun was a guy, however, he got used to it. And then, as if couldn't get any worse, he learns that the nurse at the school...is his brother Kazuhiro! What else can go wrong with his life? Considering his luck, almost anything . . . maybe even some good luck for a change.

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