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Anime Profile: Hetalia: Axis Powers

USA Info
Japanese Info
Hetalia: Axis Powers Hetalia Axia Powers(ヘタリア Axis Powers) Hetalia: Axis Powers
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Hetalia: World Series  
52 episodes(Axis Powers), 25 episodes(World Series), 1 movie 52 episodes(Axis Powers), 25 episodes(World Series), 1 movie
September 14, 2010(DVD) 2006-(series), June 5, 2010(Movie)
FUNimation Studio Deen
  Bob Shirohata
Adventure, Comedy, Drama Adventure, Comedy, Drama
America America
· · ·
China China
· · ·
England England
· · ·
France France
· · ·
Germany Germany
· · ·
Japan Japan
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Anime Characters: Hetalia: Axis Powers

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
America America Holly Roman Empire Holly Roman Empire
China China Hong Kong Hong Kong
England England Hungary Hungary
France France Iceland Iceland
Germany Germany Latvia Latvia
Japan Japan Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
North Italy North Italy Lithuania Lithuania
Prussia Prussia Netherlands Netherlands
Switzerland Switzerland Norway Norway
Ancient Rome Ancient Rome Poland Poland
Austria Austria Russia Russia
Belarus Belarus Sealand Sealand
Belgium Belgium Seychelles Seychelles
Canada Canada South Italy South Italy
Cuba Cuba South Korea South Korea
Denmark Denmark Spain Spain
Egypt Egypt Sweden Sweden
Estonia Estonia Taiwan Taiwan
Finland Finland Turkey Turkey
Germania Germania Ukraine Ukraine
Greece Greece    

Anime Description: Hetalia: Axis Powers

Hetalia is an anime/webcomic about World Wars One and Two, in which each country is represented by a human character. Each episode is only five minutes long.

Hetalia: Axis Powers follows the antics of Italy, Germany, and Japan (the Axis) while they fight America, England, France, China, Russia, and Canada (the Allies). In the first episode Germany meets Italy and the Allies are introduced, but Japan does not come in until a few episodes later.

Even though the subject of the webcomic/anime is kind of dark, the series itself is rather lighthearted. Each country's character is mercilessly stereotyped, which makes the show all the more humorous (as long as you're not easily offended and do not take it seriously) and watching the characters interact is very entertaining.

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