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Character Profile: Switzerland

USA Info
Japanese Info
Switzerland Switzerland(スイス) Switzerland (Hetalia Axis Powers)
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Basch Zwingli Basch Zwingli
National Personification National Personification
Male Male
18 years old 18 years old
Blonde Blonde
Green Green
John Burgmeier Romi Park
Episode 1 Episode 1
Hetalia Axis Powers Hetalia Axis Powers

Character Description: Switzerland

A seemly perpetually neutral character and lives his life as a bit of a hermit in his home surround by the Alps. He appears to be one of the the peaceful of the characters but in reality he's a bit short-tempered and trigger-happy (especially when it involves taking a shot at Italy). Military-wise, he's one of the strongest characters and in the past he was even used as a mercenary by the Vatican. He hates outsiders. He's very frugal, he always buys cheap cheeses claiming he likes their taste better and even goes to lunch with Austria just to save some money.

He's a young man a bit on the short side with blond hair (in a chin-length bob cut) and green eyes. He always seen in a green jacket, brown pants, and a white hat, and often seen having a rifle over his shoulder. He also has a cross shaped scar on his left shoulder.

As children, Switzerland and Austria were very close. Switzerland taught Austria how to fight,but unfortunately Austria never really caught on. Switzerland later becomes frustrated by Austria's constant need to be bailed out of wars.

Liechtenstein is the only character Switzerland appears to actually like. He acts as her doting older brother after he found her and brought her into his care. Switzerland loves her very much but wishes that Liechtenstein would try to dress a bit more feminine. In one episode Liechtenstein cuts her hair to have the same hair cut as Switzerland. Unfortunately coupled with her lack of curves, she is mistakenly referred to as Switzerland's brother by a passerby. Afterwards Switzerland buys her a ribbon and insists she wears it.

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