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Anime Profile: His and Her Circumstances

USA Info
Japanese Info
His and Her CircumstancesKareshi Kanojo no Jijou (彼氏彼女の事情) ("Boyfriend-Girlfriend Circumstances")His and Her Circumstances
· · ·
Boyfriend-Girlfriend Circumstances
· · ·
Kare Kano ("He and She")
· · ·
He and She
26 TV episodes26 TV episodes
2003 [1998–1999]
RightStuf [Gainax]
Toshimichi Otsuki
Masami Tsuda
Hideaki Anno
Comedy, RomanceComedy, Romance
Hideaki AsabaHideaki Asaba
· · ·
Soujiro ArimaSouichirou Arima
· · ·
Yukino MiyazawaYukino Miyazawa
· · ·
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Characters: His and Her Circumstances

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Hideaki Asaba Hideaki Asaba Pero-Pero ⊕ Pero-Pero ⊕
Soujiro Arima Souichirou Arima Rika ⊕ Rika ⊕
Yukino Miyazawa Yukino Miyazawa Ryoko Arima ⊕ Ryoko Arima ⊕
Atsuya ⊕ Atsuya ⊕ Takeshi ⊕ Takeshi ⊕
Aya ⊕ Aya ⊕ Tsubaki Sakura ⊕ Tsubaki Sakura ⊕
Hiro Miyazawa ⊕ Hiro Miyazawa ⊕ Tsubasa Shibahime ⊕ Tsubasa Shibahime ⊕
Joker ⊕ Joker ⊕ Tsubasa's father ⊕ Tsubasa's father ⊕
Kano Miyazawa ⊕ Kano Miyazawa ⊕ Tsubasa's stepmother ⊕ Tsubasa's stepmother ⊕
Kazuma Shibahime ⊕ Kazuma Shibahime ⊕ Tsuki Miyazawa ⊕ Tsuki Miyazawa ⊕
Maho Isawa ⊕ Maho Isawa ⊕ Ushio ⊕ Ushio ⊕
Martin ⊕ Martin ⊕ Yin and Yang ⊕ Yin and Yang ⊕
Miyako Miyazawa ⊕ Miyako Miyazawa ⊕

Description: His and Her Circumstances

His and Her Circumstances All her young life, Yukino Miyazawa had lived on the adulation and attention she had gotten from being the best in her class. She was the perfect girl, the one everyone looked up to...

But then he, Souichirou Arima, had to come in and spoil everything, stealing the spotlight she had worked so hard to get. And to top it all off, he's got something she doesn't: a genuine will to succeed. She should hate him, and she even hopes to get revenge on him, but she realizes the ultimate twist is upon her: she's begun to fall in love with him!

His and Her Circumstances is also known by the title Kare Kano, which is the title TokyoPop gave to its translation of the manga. The English anime title is a subtle translation of the Japanese title, as "Kareshi Kanojo" more sensibly translates to "Boyfriend-girlfriend".

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