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Anime Profile: Hot for Teacher

USA Info
Japanese Info
Hot for TeacherJo Kyoushi - Yumi No Houkago ("Female Teacher - Yumi's After School")Hot for Teacher
· · ·
Female Teacher - Yumi's After School
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
October 25, 2005
Critical MassDigital Works
Shiyuuta Biwajima, Chikara Niki
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Vanilla SeriesVanilla Series
Katsutoshi βŠ• Katsutoshi βŠ•
· · ·
Keiko βŠ• Keiko βŠ•
· · ·
Matsunaga βŠ• Matsunaga βŠ•
· · ·
Prof. Yumi Hayama βŠ• Prof. Yumi Hayama βŠ•

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Description: Hot for Teacher

Hot For Teacher Professor Yumi Hayama, like most women appearing in Vanilla Series titles, has a problem. And as you might expect, it has something to do with sex. Okay, so Yumi recently found out that her fiance was not the man that she though he was. How'd it happen, you ask? Alright, I'll tell you! One night he tried to force her to go all the way, even though he had promised her that he would wait until after they were married, like she asked. But Matsunaga simply refused to wait any longer, so a devastated Yumi slapped him across the face and broke off the engagement. Yeah! Of course, that didn't stop him. Bummer. But at least she didn't end up marrying the creep.

Hot For Teacher With that whole awful situation behind her, we now find Professor Hayama out at a little party with some of her fellow faculty and students. Although she has had very little to drink, she still feels quite woozy as she tries to leave for the night. And by no coincidence, the vice principal is there to catch her when she just can't stay on her feet any longer. She awakes just a short time later to find her undergarments removed, and the lecherous old vice principal trying to have his way with her... and he's succeeding! Apparently she wasn't supposed to wake up this soon, but luckily for Yumi, it seems the drug he slipped her wasn't powerful enough. This gives her the chance to get the heck out of there before he can go all the way, and she does just that!

Hot For Teacher So now the vice principal has a problem, as Professor Hayama's sure to rat him out! So by some means of blackmail, he uses a student, Katsutoshi, to lure our poor Yumi out where another more sinister student, Gondo, can put on a show with her for the camera. And who's the cameraman? Why, Katsutoshi of course! You didn't think it would be the vice principal himself, did you? No way! Mr. vice principal is too busy joining in on the action! Not really a smart move if you ask me. I mean, isn't that tape supposed to be used to blackmail Yumi? Why would you want to put yourself on the blackmail tape like that? Then she'd know for sure that you'll never show it to anyone! Guess his hormones just overruled his common sense.

Hot For Teacher Man, now that they have that blackmail tape, the vice principal and Gondo have complete control over Yumi! So the next day, they make her go to work with no underwear. That wouldn't be so bad if she could wear pants, but female teachers need to wear skirts! And on top of that, they make wear a vibrator. How do you wear a vibrator, you ask? Well, you'll just have to watch, 'cause I'm not going in to that one! Oh, and it's not just a vibrator, it's a double vibrator! Don't ask, 'cause I'm not going there either! Think that's it? Nope, I've got one more for ya... it's not just a double vibrator, but it's a remote controlled double vibrator, with none other than Gondo at the helm.

Hot For Teacher After classes, the vice principal and Gondo continue with what is now their routine sessions with Professor Hayama. However, this time they decide it would be fun to force Katsutoshi off of the camera and on to Yumi. We don't know exactly what they have on poor Katsutoshi, but whatever it may be, the one thing that is more than apparent is that he has little choice in the matter but to comply with their demands. Could it possibly have something to do with his childhood friend, the petite green-haired second year student Keiko Fujimura? At any rate, he's made to put on a show for our two resident perverts, though they are unable to simply remain spectators.

Hot For Teacher The second episode opens with a quite a shocker! The terrible two-some lead Professor Yumi Hayama into a room filled with at least seven guys (and they have funny shaped heads for some reason). These are men who generously donate money to the school, and the vice principal wants to show them his extreme gratitude. But the true shocker is when the final man arrives... who is none other than Matsunaga himself, Yumi's ex-fiance! This does not make her a happy camper... not that she was happy before. Man, what a low blow! And unfortunately, there's no way out of this one. Everyone in the room gets what they want, all but poor Professor Hayama.

Hot For Teacher Afterwards, Katsutoshi decides that this just can't go on, so he risks everything and sets out to steal all those tapes! Unfortunately, he's caught. Dude should've took some ninja classes first or something. Anyway, it looks like the good guys are gonna lose! Will these evil-doers ever be brought to justice! Watch and see! You wouldn't want me to tell ya everything, now would you? So this title is pretty typical of Vanilla Series titles. Average art and animation, simple story, similar to many others. The one thing that did stand out is the fact that there are only two women in this entire anime, and Professor Yumi is pretty much the only one to have sex.

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