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Madam SulimanMadam SulimanMadam Suliman (Howl's Moving Castle)
Appears to be in mid 80sAppears to be in mid 80s
King's Magician, Hauru's teacherKing's Magician, Hauru's teacher
"Howl found his true love...you little traitor.""A happy ending, I see...You two-timer."
Blythe DannerHaruko Kato
Howl's Moving CastleHauru no Ogoku Shiro

Character Description: Madam Suliman

For an old lady, Suliman sure can do some magic. Sitting in her comfortable chair, she might look harmless, but don't be fooled. Suliman's magic is very advanced than that of the Witch of the Waste, and Hauru's. In her possession is her staff, which she uses as her magic wand.

For a harmless-looking-old-woman, she is the one that (seemingly) has started this war. While she does not get up from her chair, she signs documents and talks to important people that seem to be involved with organizing the war (e.g. Prime Minister of Defense). She also has her dog, Heen, which does errands for her. Her young (handsome looking) boys are faithful to her. They are called "Servant." What is quite interesting is that they all look the same. It is possible that Suliman made clones of them.

Suliman meets Mrs. Pendragon (Sophie) and asks if Hauru will be joining them. "No, you see, he sends his mother to make excuses," states Sophie.

"What a shame," replies Suliman. Suliman informs Sophie of Hauru's past. Not too long ago, Suliman found the perfect the person to be her heir, Hauru. She stated that he was gifted, and was a magnificent young man. However, Hauru made a deal with a demon (Calcifer) that stole his heart. He started using his magic for purely selfish uses, and he abandoned Suliman. She warned Mrs. Pendragon (Sophie) that if Hauru were to keep this up, he would surely end up like the Witch of the Waste.

"Bring her," ordered Suliman.

"Servant" comes out, bringing the Witch of the Waste, but a witch no more. To Sophie's horror, the witch is nothing but an old woman. Suliman explained that years ago, she was a magnificent witch. Sadly, she made a deal with some kind of phantom, who consumed her body years ago. Suliman told Sophie that Hauru had two choices: Hauru can either serve her, or she'll take Hauru's powers as she has with the witch. Sophie, disgusted at this abuse of power, confronts Suliman. She states that Hauru might be bad, but he's sharp as an arrow. While Sophie was talking, her youth came back to her. Suliman was surprised, and amazed, and now realized that Sophie was in love with Hauru. She now realized Hauru's weakness.

After the big showdown with Hauru, Sophie, and the witch, she is now determined to find Hauru; however, she gives up in the end once Heen delivers some news...

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