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Character Profile: Witch of the Waste

USA Info
Japanese Info
Witch of the Waste Witch of the Waste Witch of the Waste (Howl's Moving Castle)
Witch Witch
Female Female
Red/light brown Red/light brown
Blue Blue
Witch stripped of powers Witch stripped of powers
"What a pretty fire"  
Lauren Bacall Akihiro MIWA
Howl's Moving Castle Hauru no Ugoku Shiro

Character Description: Witch of the Waste

The Witch of the Waste originally was an apprentice to Suliman until she fell to a demon of greed. She was banished by Suliman, and lives in the waste. She later tries to get Howl, and she is the person responsible for turning Sophie into an old lady.

As she leaves the hatter, the name of the shop, she tells Sophie that she can't tell anyone about the curse. The Witch of the Waste gets a letter to the castle, and she comes back after 50 years. She sees Sophie saying, "If it isn't the tacky girl from that tacky shop." She gets forced to walk up the stairs after the two blob men couldn't carry the carriage anymore.

She gets her powers removed, and escapes with Sophie to the castle where she stares at the fire, knows that Sophie is in love, and gives Calcifer a peeping bug that she found in a bag. Also, when they are looking for Howl, she found out who took Howl's heart, and she cries, "You ruined the heart!" after Sophie puts a bucket of water on her. She does give Howl's heart to Sophie to break the spell on Howl. Towards the end of the movie, she stays on Howl's moving castle that is flying instead of walking as it was in the beginning of the movie.

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