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Character Profile: Anita

USA Info
Japanese Info
Anita Anita Anita (Hunter X Hunter)
Human Human
Female Female
About 16-20 years old About 16-20 years old
Black Black
Blue Blue
5'3" 160 cm
100 lbs 45.4 kg
Type O Type O
Orphan Orphan
"You're the devil who killed my Father! I'll kill you!" "You're the devil who killed my Father! I'll kill you!"
Episode 11 Episode 11
Hunter X Hunter Hunter X Hunter

Character Description: Anita

Anita is the daughter of a wealthy spice merchant who was assassinated by one of the Zaoldyecks. she takes the Hunter Exam because she knows that Killua is there and she wants to kill him to avenge her father.

However, Anita fails the second exam. she then goes as a stowaway on the blimp which is carrying the canidates to the third exam. There she meets Killua and attempts to attack him with a Knife. But president Netero intervines, knowing that she failed the exam, and keeps her under watch until they arrive at the next exam.

Anita breaks free and goes after Killua again, at this time Killua is in his assassin mode. He changes his hand into the claw and slices the blade off her knife. He then pins her to the ground and holds the claw to her neack-ready to slice her throat. He snaps out of assassin mode just before he is about ot do this and knocks her out cold instead.

When they reach the third exam, and Anita is sent back, Killua tell her that her father was really a drug merchant. The spice in his mine was a highly addictive substance, that her father made profit on the suffering of others and that was why he assassinated him. Anita takes this very hard- she always thought of her fater as a kind and loving man and she begins to cry.

From the way she went after Killua for revenge, we can see that she is definatly a loyal and loving daughter. Other than the above, she has no major role in Hunter X Hunter, she only appears in episodes 11, 12, and 13.

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