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Bisuit KrugerBisuit KrugerBisuit Kruger (Hunter X Hunter)
57 years old57 years old
5'6"168 cm
114.6 lbs52 kg
Type OType O
Hunter, nen trainerHunter, nen trainer
"Isn't that sweet? it's kinda just itching me to destroy it....""Isn't that sweet? it's kinda just itching me to destroy it...."
Hunter X HunterHunter X Hunter

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Bisuit Kruger

Biske is Gon and Killua's nen trainer. Before that, she was Wing-san's trainer and she was trained by President Netero. At first, she comes across as a clumsy, innocent, and altogether hopeless little 9 year old girl, but wait until you get to see the monstrous strength she hides!! She is, in fact, 57 years old. She is able to use nen to alter her body into the shape of a young child, but her true form is quite frightening, something like a female Ubogin. Binolt, a cannibal who determines physical aspects through eating people's hair, once termed her a "perfectly trained body". Biske hides her true form because she knows how unsettling it is, but in fact she is still very unsettling while disguised a little girl.

Biske was part of the team (including Gon and Killua) who were hired by Mr. Battera to clear the Greed Island challenge. Originally Biske did not set out to be their trainer, quite the opposite, originally she set out to destroy their friendship. "Isn't that just sweet? a young boys friendship.....it's kinda just itching me to destroy it...."

Her first attempt backfired on her when she pretended to be a lost child and asked them for help, but they refused to help, saying that they didn't have time for babysitting, and boy was she mad!! "First I was just going to mess with your friendship- now I'm gonna screw it up beyond repair!"

Biske stalked them everywhere around Greed Island and soon changed her opinion of the two when she say them fighting. Seeing how much potential they had, Biske made her presence known and offered to be their nen teacher. At first Gon and Killua refused, but after seeing how she fought Binolt they accepted.

Biske can be a little (okay, VERY) demanding. She tends to work people hard all the time and usually doesn't wait for anyone. When it comes to training, she will make people do things that seem almost ridiculous, but that turns out to work very well. But she isn't all serious, she does have a fun (albeit mischievous) side- and she LOVES to lie, especially when she's pretending to be a nice little girl (which she usually does when she wants to get out of something). She usually uses the "ditch the others and run" tactic where she disappears in awkward situations or pretends to know nothing. Besides this, she's a bit of a pervert. In the manga she was seen reading "bad" magazines while the boys were training (this part was edited from the anime) and when she saw Hisoka without his shirt on she freaked out and started giggling, hiding behind a tree.

Biske's passion as a Hunter: Gems. Precious stones make her eyes go all shiny and she likes comparing Gon and Killua to diamonds in the rough. The whole reason she entered Greed Island was for item #81- "Blue Planet"- a type of gem only found on Greed Island.

Although Biske belongs to the Henka ("Transformation") nen group her hatsu ability is a mixture of Henka and Gugenka ("materialization"). Her hatsu is the materialization of a girl named Yoshi, "the magical Aesthe", who puts nen creams into peoples skins and does massages. Using Magical Aesthe's "piano massage" a person can make up for lack of sleep- one hour of sleep is equal to eight in terms of relaxation. Besides this, she can do other massages, take care of muscle tension, locked joints, arthritis etcetera. Basically excellent for people while training (or just really vain girls).

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