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Feitan PortorFeitan Pōtoo (フェイタン゠ポートオ)Feitan Portor (Hunter X Hunter)
28 years old28 years old
4'9"145 cm
99.2 lbs45kg
Type OType O
Thief, torturerThief, torturer
"First I was going to rip out his fingernails, THEN break his arm""First I was going to rip out his fingernails, THEN break his arm"
Tom BauerKappei Yamaguchi
Episode 40Episode 40
Hunter X HunterHunter X Hunter

Character Description: Feitan Portor

Feitan is something of a torture addict, sadist and general pervert combined. He is often seen in the anime reading Trevor Brown art books (you can look it up on Google if you want, but I warn you that they are not work-safe and involve images of pornography and torture). He is one of the original members of The Spiders and although he is loyal to them, he prefers to take risks with the individual members' lives. When Kuroro was kidnapped he was all for going after Kurapica to get Kuroro back, and generally did not share the need to comply with Kurapica's demands to save their leader.

Besides this, Feitan apparently has a fondness for pain. In the anime when Gon and Killua were kidnapped by The Spiders, Feitan attacked Gon. Nobunaga asked Feitan if he was going to break Gon's arm and he replied "no, I was going to rip his fingernails out, then break his arm". Later on he said he wanted to do that because he was "bored".

Although we know Feitan is a Henka (Transformation) type nen, his exact ability is unknown. It is hinted at during the anime series. When escaping the Auction in the hot air balloon Ubogain said Feitan "questioned the body, not the spirit" and that this couldn't produce the wrong results. Shizuku admitted to trying to watch Feitan perform his nen ability and said she nearly died. Fans speculate as to what exactly the nen ability may be, most likely something for torture or extracting information. Seeing as he is Henka nen, it is often suggested that he uses this to transform pain into power, which is then used as an attack. Feitans' nen will be revealed in the next series (The Chimera Ant story arc).

Feitan Portor (Hunter X Hunter) Feitan Portor (Hunter X Hunter)

Character Description: Feitan Portor

When it comes to the Spiders, this pint-size powerhouse is most definitely one to be feared.

Feitan Portor is a villain in the world of Hunter x Hunter and a founding member of a notorious group of thieves and murderers known as The Phantom Troupe.

Much like his manga counterpart, Feitan is of small stature, standing at 5'1, but is also shown be lean and muscular. In the 2011 anime adaptation, Feitan has shoulder-length black hair , gray eyes, and pale skin. He wears a long dark colored tunic and a bandana/neck gaiter over his mouth that bears his trademark skull insignia. Feitan's Troupe number is #2. The location of his spider tattoo has yet to be revealed. Some fan theories suggest that his tattoo is either on his tongue or on one of his thighs/legs.

In The 1999 anime adaptation Feitan speaks in broken English, saying phrases such as "I no like Hisoka. Why Chrollo let him do as he want? Why you give me order. I no need to obey." In the 2011 anime, Feitan's dialogue is changed slightly and he speaks in short but complete sentences. His voice is also raspier and his sentences are staggered and a bit monotone.

He is the Troupe's official interrogator is very loyal to Chrollo and the Troupe itself.

Feitan occasionally clashes with the other members, particularly Nobunaga and Hisoka, whom he distrusts entirely but otherwise he often displays a very calm demeanor, especially during the Yorknew Arc. When he speaks, his tone is soft and he rarely gets upset. Even after Nobunaga yells in his face, Feitan calmly states "Troupe members don't snap at each other" and walks off. He is an avid reader much like his boss and enjoys the controversial and macabre works of Trevor Brown.

Though Feitan converses well with most of the Troupe members, he appears to be good friends with Phinks. They are partnered together during Uvo's Requiem and are later shown attending the Mafia auction together with the intent of stealing the world's most expensive game. One moment during episode 97 of the Chimera Arc also suggests that Feitan has a good friendship with Shalnark as the two of them were shown teasing Phinks for sounding like a girl with a crush when he verbally professed his frustration about having to wait for Chrollo to return to the Troupe.

As the Troupe's interrogator, Feitan can be rather sadistic and cold-hearted when he wants to be. At one point Feitan warns Gon for being too cocky and threatens to peel off his fingernails and break his arm.

Another example of Feitan's sadism is shown in episode 97 when he mocks Zazan's pain and laughs maniacally as she slowly burns to death by his Rising Sun.

Feitan enjoys his job as the Troupe's torturer and is somewhat saddened when he doesn't get to make use of his skills. After he tortured The Owl for information, he lamented to Machi that it was no fun due to the fact that he gave in before Feitan had a chance to fully torture him. It can be assumed that although he enjoys inflicting pain on others, he does not handle pain well himself since his Hatsu appears to revolve around his rage and taking damage in order to work effectively. While Hisoka kept his composure after losing both his hands during his fight with Kastro, Feitan snapped the instant Zazan broke his arm and immediately activated his rage ability.

Although Feitan is a skilled nen user and a master swordsman, his true ability and weapons are not seen during the Yorknew Arc and he instead relies on his speed and hand-to-hand skills, especially during the Requiem episodes.

Feitan carries a thin sword, which is concealed inside an umbrella. The umbrella is red and has a large black skull painted on it. Feitan is shown to be quite versatile with his weapons and abilities in battle. He effectively blocks Zazan's attacks with his sword and then slightly damages her face by firing the tip of his umbrella like a bullet.

Much like the other Troupe members, Feitan hails from Meteor City and much of his background in unknown. Although not explicitly stated by Togashi, it's assumed Feitan is 28 years old. This information was shown when Feitan's English voice actor released a picture of himself holding an audition sheet for the character of Feitan and his age was noted in parenthesis beside his name. In regards to Feitan's height, both anime adaptations and the manga show Feitan to be rather short. The 1999 anime indicates Feitan is 4'9 whereas the 2011 anime info and height chart lists Feitan at 5'1. This is plausible as Feitan is shown to be slightly taller than Kalluto in episode 96 and according to Kalluto's character info, he is 4'11.

Feitan's speed and agility is among the highest of the Troupe, as seen by his ability to dodge bullets and decapitate multiple Mafia guards in an instant using only his hands.

Feitan is categorized as a Transmuter. The armor he materializes before using Rising Sun suggests that he is skilled in Conjuration as well. Additionally, Feitan uses Emission to detach his aura from his body while preparing his attack. The use of three Nen categories simultaneously demonstrates his understanding of Nen techniques. He is also shown using Ko against Zazan.

Although only Pain Packer and Rising Sun are shown in the anime, Phinks' warning to Kalluto implies there are other forms and different types of armor.

Pain Packer has to be active before Feitan uses his following ability. It is activated by his rage is conjured in the form of a red and white suit of armor that protects him from the effects of his Rising Sun. Feitan then transmutes his aura into scorching heat. The power and intensity depend on the pain and injuries inflicted to him during battle. Feitan emits his aura into the air, which then transforms into a miniature sun that burns his victim to death. The more damage he takes, the hotter the sun, and the longer it will burn. This is implied when Feitan mocks Zazan, telling her that she would've had a quicker death if she had dealt him more damage.

Often coined the soft spoken sadist of the Troupe, Feitan received very little screen time in the anime but garnered much attention and quickly became a fan favorite, especially after his fight with Zazan.

Feitan Portor (Hunter X Hunter) Feitan Portor (Hunter X Hunter)

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