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Character Profile: Feitan

USA Info
Japanese Info
Feitan Feitan(フェイタン) Feitan (Hunter X Hunter)
Human Human
Male Male
28 years old 28 years old
Navy Navy
Gold Gold
4'9" 145 cm
99.2 lbs 45kg
Type O Type O
Torturer Torturer
"First I was going to rip out his fingernails, THEN break his arm" "First I was going to rip out his fingernails, THEN break his arm"
Hunter X Hunter Hunter X Hunter

Character Description: Feitan

Feitan is something of a torture addict, sadist and general pervert combined. He is often seen in the anime reading Trevor Brown art books (you can look it up on Google if you want, but I warn you that they are not work-safe and involve images of pornography and torture). He is one of the original members of The Spiders and although he is loyal to them, he prefers to take risks with the individual members' lives. When Kuroro was kidnapped he was all for going after Kurapica to get Kuroro back, and generally did not share the need to comply with Kurapica's demands to save their leader.

Besides this, Feitan apparently has a fondness for pain. In the anime when Gon and Killua were kidnapped by The Spiders, Feitan attacked Gon. Nobunaga asked Feitan if he was going to break Gon's arm and he replied "no, I was going to rip his fingernails out, then break his arm". Later on he said he wanted to do that because he was "bored".

Although we know Feitan is a Henka (Transformation) type nen, his exact ability is unknown. It is hinted at during the anime series. When escaping the Auction in the hot air balloon Ubogain said Feitan "questioned the body, not the spirit" and that this couldn't produce the wrong results. Shizuku admitted to trying to watch Feitan perform his nen ability and said she nearly died. Fans speculate as to what exactly the nen ability may be, most likely something for torture or extracting information. Seeing as he is Henka nen, it is often suggested that he uses this to transform pain into power, which is then used as an attack. Feitans' nen will be revealed in the next series (The Chimera Ant story arc).

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