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Hanzo MoriHanzo MoriHanzo Mori (Hunter x Hunter)
18 years old18 years old
"I'm a Ninja""ore wa Shinobi"
Hunter x HunterHunter x Hunter

Character Description: Hanzo Mori

Hanzo Mori is an 18-year old, self proclaimed 'Jounin' from the 'Hidden Cloud Village.

Hanzo enterred the Hunter Exam the same year as Gon, Kurapica, Leorio, and Killua; his reasons for doing to apparently to find the elusive 'Hermit's Scroll'. Hanzo was examinee #294.

Physically one of the superior competitors, he was able to carry on a cheerful conversation during Satotz's marathon, while others, even veteran competitors, were conserving their breath. This sheds some validity on his claim of having endured rigorous training in the Shinobi arts from the moment he could stand.

However, while physically able, Hanzo seems to suffer from a lack of common sense, as he's rather vocal about his shinobi status, which kind of defeats the purpose of being 'stealthy'.

Another example of his lack of sense is, during the second exam, a cooking challenge, he gave away the fact he knew how to prepare sushi by his failed attempts at hiding his amusement. He then later vocally explains the make up of the dish when Menchi insults his preparations, causing almost all the contestants to recreate the dish.

During the third phase of the exam, he placed third, after Hisoka and Gittarackur (Illumi). This was a little unnerving for him.

He later assumed command during the 'bonus stage' on the ship/hotel island, leading the survivors onto the next stage through use of teamwork and leadership skills.

During the semi-final stage, he stalked the Amori brothers (Amori, Imori, Umori), since one of them had the badge he needed to pass, but was unable to find an opening to snatch it. He later took advantage of Killua's swiping of the badges, but went after the wrong one, forcing him to track down two more to pass.

Like Leorio and Pokkle, Hanzo was one of those who believed Bodoro's suggestion that the final exam was a 'written exam', and so crammed like mad during the trip to the final stage. However, he cracked under the pressure, and was actually considering stealing a 'copy' of the exam from the proctors, an idea Leorio agreed with, only for Netero to announce the final as a Free-for-All tournament.

During the final test, Hanzo is forced to battle Gon. The Shinobi's speed, strength, and battle experience easily exceed that of his opponent, however, the only way to pass the final test to is force your opponent to admit defeat, and Gon's stubbornness refused to do so even after Hanzo had beaten him savagely, even going so far as to break one of Gon's arms.

Despite this, Hanzo notes a distinct lack of hatred in Gon's eyes, and realizes he's come to like the boy. He willingly forfeits only to have to render Gon unconscious in order to keep the boy from contesting his decision.

He later went on to battle Pokkle, and won easily after threatening to give his opponent the same treatment he'd given Gon. After the graduation ceremony, he heads off, but not without handing out tickets to visit his hometown, promising to give his friends a guided tour if they stopped by.

After graduating from studying Nen under Wing, Gon, and Killua learn that Hanzo and Kurapica had already mastered Nen some time after the Hunter Exam, likely prior or during the Battle Tower arc.

Hanzo has yet to reappear in the series.

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