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Character Profile: Kalluto Zaoldyeck

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kalluto ZaoldyeckKaruto ZaoldyeckKalluto Zaoldyeck (Hunter X Hunter)
10 years old10 years old
Dark navy/violetDark navy/violet
5'0"152 cm
86 lbs39 kg
Type OType O
Hunter X HunterHunter X Hunter

Character Description: Kalluto Zaoldyeck

Karuto is the second youngest child of the Zaoldyeck family and, like the other children, is a professional assassin. We haven't seen much of this kid, Karuto's only appeared in four episodes so far!

The first time is when Gon was chased by the Zaoldyeck family "pet" Mike, Karuto whistled for him to come literally moments before he was going to take a chunk out of him! Later on in that episode when Kikyou passed on Killua's message to Gon and the others, Karuto was standing in the background. Finally, when Killua had the flashback to the night he escaped, Karuto was seen to have witnessed his attack on both Kikyou and Milluki and yet made no attempt to stop him whatsoever.

The second time is in the Yorkshin series when Illumi assassinated the 10 Godfathers Karuto was there with him.

The third time is in the OVA episodes, where Karuto was spotted in the Spiders hideout (only for a moment though- Karuto sprinted when spotted by Franklin).

The fourth time is in the Greed Island Final (OVA3) episodes. Karuto was introduced to Hisoka by Machi as "his replacement" (i.e. the new #4 in the Spiders).

Kalluto Zaoldyeck (Hunter X Hunter) Karuto seems quiet and withdrawn, hardly saying more than six words at a time.

However, in the Chimera Arc (yet to be animated) the spiders return to Ryuusegai with Karuto, who is a much more talkative Karuto that seems self-confident, although still a child. Karuto sometimes has to ask if his abilities are up to par. Karuto got a big let down when he saw the Ryodan in action and realized they were on a totally different level than him. In fact, it's more than likely the only reason he was allowed to join the Spiders was because his special ability allowed him to track down the Nen Eraser (Abengane) which Kuroro needs to get rid of Kurapika's chains.

Karuto's nen group is Gugenka ("Manipulation"). He has an ability which allowed him to track down the Nen Eraser, although the details have not been revealed. Another of his abilities (or possibly the same one) is like an investigation technique where he creates a string of paper cutout dolls which look like certain people. Combined with a piece of paper placed on that person's body he can hear conversations around that person. But there is also an offensive attack- "Dance Of The Serpent's Bite". This consists of throwing paper confetti around himself. Then Karuto uses a paper fan to throw the confetti at his chosen target. The confetti sticks in the target, and then he aims for a piece of confetti with a paper fan that he has re-enforced with nen (much the same way that Hisoka reenforced his cards) and cuts at that piece of confetti which has stuck into the flesh. The fan can cut right through an arm easily. Besides this, Karuto can use the fan to defend, even against something like an iron whip.

So, you're wondering why I've referred to Karuto as "he" instead of "she" in this passage when Karuto is always seen wearing a kimono? Well, Karuto is MALE! This is the second time in Hunter X Hunter that Yoshihiro Togashi has been fooling us about the gender of a character. However, unlike Kurapika, there has been no attempt to keep his gender ambiguous (aside from the fact that he wears a kimono). The fact is, it's stated that he's a boy in the Guide and there were plenty of hints dropped throughout the program, such as...

1. The tour guide said the Zaoldyeck Family lived on Kukuru Mountain with their FIVE SONS.

2. When Machi introduces Karuto to Hisoka he points to Karuto and asks "who's SHE?". Machi then replies "HE'S your replacement". Fans simply read this as a typing error but if you listened to them Hisoka uses the word "Kanojo" ("she") and Machi uses the word "Kare" ("he").

3. When Karuto introduced himself he says "Boku no Karuto Zaoldyeck" ("Boku" is the Japanese MALE personal pronoun).

Before you ask- no, Karuto is not gay. He's only 10 years old!! My guess is that because everybody knows the Zaoldyeck assassins are all male, he dresses as a female to reduce suspicion. Or perhaps his mom just likes to dress him up like a little girl or whatever. Kikyou does look like a "doll" sort of person and Karuto is the only one who's young enough for her to doll up (as if the Zaoldyeck family wasn't weird enough without cross-dressing kids).

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