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Character Profile: Killua Zaoldyeck

USA Info
Japanese Info
Killua Zaoldyeck Killua Zaoldyeck Killua Zaoldyeck (Hunter X Hunter)
Human Human
Male Male
12 years old(born June 15th)(source: Episode 43) 12 years old(born June 15th)(source: Episode 43)
Silver Silver
Royal Blue Royal Blue
5'2" 158 cm
99 lbs 49 kg
Type A Type A
Assassin Assassin
Annika Odegard Mitsuhashi Kanako
Hunter X Hunter Hunter X Hunter

Character Description: Killua Zaoldyeck

Born showing a great future for his assassin family, as a child he had mastered many deadly techniques at birth, he also became one of the greatest assassins the Zaoldyeck family had ever produced. But soon he grew tired of killing, which made him rebel against his family hurting his mother, Kikyou, and his second brother, Milluki. He doesn't look like an assassin, just a normal mischievous boy, but his other side is a ruthless killing machine bloodthirsty, and violent. Killua also shows a great endurance for things such as poisons, pain, and electrocution. He shows great agility and strength to match. Killua is not one to mess with, but his greatest flaw is that he gets scared if a foe is stronger than him.

When fighting he does not really use a weapon, he actually changes his fingers into very sharp claws which may deliver a swift and deadly attack, however most of the time he uses it for beheading and ripping out opponents hearts. He also has a Nen ability. He is and Enka person, an Enka person has the ability to transform in to anything at their will. (It has to be a substance.) Killua can usually be found practicing this ability. And so far he has almost mastered producing volts of electricity. His inspiration was because his brother used it as an favorite torture device.

Note: On page 30 of the Hunter × Hunter, Hunter's Guide, Killua's birthday is given as July 7th, while in episode 43 of the anime his birthday is given as June 15th. Thus, he has a different birthday in the manga than he does in the anime series.

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