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KurapicaKurapicaKurapica (Hunter X Hunter)
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Kurapika (alternate spelling)Kurapika (alternate spelling)
17 years old17 years old
Blue (normally), Red (when excitied, but wears black contacts to hide it)Blue (normally), Red (when excitied, but wears black contacts to hide it)
About 5'7"171 cm
About 130 lbs59 kg
Type ABType AB
Blacklist HunterBlacklist Hunter
Cheryl McMasterKaida Yuki
Hunter X HunterHunter X Hunter

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo and Moon Costumes.

Character Description: Kurapica

A few years before Kurapica became a hunter, he had lived in a tribe of Kuruta. The Kuruta were his true clan, but the Kuruta had a legendary treasure. It was their eyes. Their eyes would turn a scarlet color when angry or in great agitation. Collectors around the world craved to get their hands on these eyes, and so a group called the Genei Ryoden came killed all the Kuruta and took their eyes... all except Kurapica. After that, he swore to avenge all of them and went to become a hunter to capture the Genei Ryoden.

Kurapica has a very calm attitude and uses that to save his friends in battles very often. And also, his Nen ability is Gugenka and Tokushitsu. Gugenka is someone who can form things according to their imagination. With this, Kurapica made a type of weapon stretching from the five fingers on chains to his right wrist made especially made for the revenge on the Genei Ryoden. The chains are: thumb Healing, third finger Immobility, fourth finger Investigation, and little finger Judgement. And when his eyes turn scarlet, that makes all Nen abilities except Gugenka, such as Tokushitsu increases to a maximum of 100 percent efficiency.

Lots of readers and fans of the series often speculate about the gender of Kurapica- on some aspects, he certainly resembles a female- his pretty features, the sometimes narrow waist, the voice (earlier episodes of the anime); Kurapica's modesty- remember the explosive reaction from Leorio emerging naked from the shower? Various mannerisms contribute to this impression. However, it seems now that it's about 99% confirmed that Kurapica is male.

Incident 1: Kuroro mentions that he didn't expect that his abductor would be female (Kurapica's disguise). Kurapica retorts while removing the wig, "Did I ever say that I'm female? You should never judge people by their appearances."

Incident 2: The cover of book 14 tells it all. Picture shows Kurapica's upper half nake torso- and it's completely flat. Various scenes in the anime episodes also hint this- the episode where he trains with the nen sensei shows one scene where his body in entwined in chains- showing a hint of his flat-chest.

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