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Kuroro LuciferKuroro LuciferKuroro Lucifer (Hunter X Hunter)
Dancho ("The Boss")
26 years old26 years old
5'10"177 cm
149.9 lbs68 kg
Type ABType AB
"Ubo, can you hear it? This is our requiem to you..."
Hunter X HunterHunter X Hunter

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Character Description: Kuroro Lucifer

Kuroro Lucifer is the founder and leader of the infamous Spiders ("Genei Ryoden"). Little or nothing is known about him before he formed the group. We know that the Spiders were founded in Ryuusegai ("Shooting Star Street") and, based on a few flashbacks that look like they include a younger him, we can only assume that he grew up there. About 10 years before the Hunter X Hunter story starts, he formed the Spiders from its six original members (Machi, Franklin, Pakunoda, Feitan, Phinx, Sharnock) and left the Ryuuseigai for unknown reasons.

Kuroro displays all the qualities of a born leader- he's smart and charismatic. His quiet, calm presence and communication skills allow him to easily assume different personalities to gain people's trust and direct their actions.(like he did with Neon Nostrad at the YorkShin auction). It's only because of this that he is able to keep any control of The Spiders (which contains some of the most unstable/unpredictable characters in whole of Hunter X Hunter). He is icy calm almost to the point of apathy, but underneath the cold exterior he does care deeply for his fellow Spiders, as individual members and as a group. When Ubogin died, Kuroro read about it in the prophecy Neon Nostrad made for him and started to cry. Shortly afterwards, he held a massacre at the YorkShin auction as a requiem for Ubogin's memory. (Hey, it is The Spiders we're talking about here, what did you expect?)

Besides that, he has a very calm attitude towards death- be it that of his enemies or his own. Senritsu, a Hunter with extremely strong hearing, once commented that the sound of his heartbeat was "Cold and hollow" and that he seemed to "walk side-by-side with death". Kuroro places the safety of The Spiders before even his own life, believing that one individual should not be placed before the safety of the entire group. He stressed that his importance as the "Head" of the Spider extended only to following his commands and that the group should always be placed before his own life. "As The Head my orders are top priority. My life, however, is not."

According to Machi, Kuroro likes to read a lot and is often seen with a book in his hands (besides his Nen ability, that is). He seems to be a bit philosophical- once in the YorkShin series he made a comment on the Bible. Ubogin was concerned at how the security of the underground auction had the time to clear out the vault before they attacked, and asked Kuroro whether or not there could be a Judas (i.e. traitor) amongst The Spiders. Kuroro then made a comment about never believing that Judas was a traitor, making reference to many of the controversies that were arisen by the finding of the so-called "Gospel of Judas".

In terms of his Nen ability- Kuroro belongs to the Tokushitsu ("Specialization") Nen group. His Hatsu is what is known as the "Skills Hunter" which is the ability to take another person's Nen Hatsu which he stores in a type of book. When he wants to use this ability he opens the book to the page with the ability on it and moves it off the page into his hand. When the book closes, the ability disappears.

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