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Character Profile: Milluki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Milluki Milluki Milluki (Hunter X Hunter)
Piggy(to Killua) Piggy(to Killua)
Human Human
Male Male
18 years old 18 years old
Black Black
Brown Brown
Killua's Brother/Second Zoldyeck child Killua's Brother/Second Zoldyeck child
  Katashi Ishizuka
Hunter X Hunter Hunter X Hunter

Character Description: Milluki

Milluki is the second child in the Zoaldyeck family. He's nothing like his brothers or his parents. In fact, you could call him the "failure" of the family. He is an anime geek and has millions of dollars worth of anime figurines and dolls. The only thing he his good at is making bombs and hacking computers, neither of which he normally uses for assassination. While it can be assumed that he does kill people (he promises his dad he will kill 15 people in exchange for 15 billion jenny), most people believe that he doesn't do this very often. This is assumed because he stays in the Zoaldyeck mansion (the last time he left was when he was ten).

Milluki doesn't seem to have any respect from his family. His grandfather calls him an idiot, plain and simple. Killua doesn't like him and calls him "Piggy" when talking about him. Though Illumi has no interaction with him during the series, Milluki talks about how he wishes his older brother were there to figure things out.

Personality wise, Milluki is a arrogant bully. He believes that he should be the family heir, not Killua. He says that Killua is too free-spirited to make a good assassin. Killua mocks him openly, which makes him angry, so he tries to put down Killua every chance he gets. He likes to try and bully Killua also, but Killua mostly ignores him.

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