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Character Profile: Shizuku

USA Info
Japanese Info
Shizuku Shizuku Shizuku (Hunter X Hunter)
Spider #8  
Human Human
Female Female
19 years old 19 years old
Black Black
Brown Brown
5'9" 175 cm
99.2 lbs 45 kg
Type O Type O
"that's not true!! I never did that!!!......did I?"  
Hunter X Hunter Hunter X Hunter

Character Description: Shizuku

Shizuku is number 8 in the Spiders. She is EXTREMELY forgetful, to the point of having short-term memory loss, sometimes she doesn't remember people's names, or even that she'd met them at all! Then there's times she'll even forget whole events altogether, although Shizuku doesn't seem to be aware of this (the rest of The Spiders tend to ignore this and let her believe whatever she wants).

In the YorkShin series, she arm-wrestled Gon in the street. He just about won, but it emerged later that the only reason Shizuku lost was because she forgot that she was left-handed and wrestled with her right hand. When Gon and Killua were kidnapped by Pakunoda and brought to The Spiders hideout she didn't even recognize them! When Franklin asked her if Gon was the same kid that beat her at the arm wrestling, she asked what the hell he was talking about. Shizuku denied that she had ever seen them before in her life. Franklin tried to remind her, but she stood by her belief that she'd never met them before. Eventually Franklin just gave up, as Feitan said "just leave it, once Shizuku forgets something that's the end of it." Apart from this little outburst, the rest of the time Shizuku is rather mild-mannered and nice (when you don't take into account how easily she kills that is!).

Shizuku is a member of the Gugenka ("Materialization") Nen group. She materializes her Nen in the form of a flesh-eating vacuum cleaner called Deme-chan, which she can make suck in anything she wants- furniture, plants, poison, corpses etc. However, she refuses to make it inhale what she considers living beings, and anything created of Nen. She can also make it spit out the last thing it inhaled (there is a little switch on Deme-chan's handle that says "in" and "out"). Where does the stuff go? Not even Shizuku knows! (Well, either that or she's just forgotten....)

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