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Anime Profile: Iczer Reborn

USA Info
Japanese Info
Iczer RebornAdventure! Iczer 3 (ε†’ι™Ί!γ‚€γ‚―γ‚΅γƒΌ3)Iczer Reborn
· · ·
Iczer 3Iczer 3 (γ‚€γ‚―γ‚΅γƒΌ3)
6 OVA episodes6 OVA episodes
Dec 2, 2003, June 28, 2005 (DVD re-release)Sept 25, 1990–Feb 25, 1991
U.S. Manga Corp.ARTMIC/AIC/Kubo Shoten
Toshihiro Hirano
Action, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-FiAction, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi
Iczer-OneTatakae! Iczer 1 (戦え!! γ‚€γ‚―γ‚΅γƒΌ1)
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Iczer 3Iczer 3
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Atlas βŠ• Atlas βŠ•
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Bigro βŠ• Bigro βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Iczer Reborn

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Iczer 3 Iczer 3 Insecto βŠ• Insecto βŠ•
Atlas βŠ• Atlas βŠ• Nagisa Kasumi βŠ• Nagisa Kasumi βŠ•
Bigro βŠ• Bigro βŠ• Neos Gold βŠ• Neos Gold βŠ•
Candy βŠ• Candy βŠ• Rob βŠ• Rob βŠ•
Fiber βŠ• Fiber βŠ• Shizuka Kawaii βŠ• Shizuka Kawaii βŠ•
Golem βŠ• Golem βŠ• Sister Grey βŠ• Sister Grey βŠ•
Iczer 1 βŠ• Iczer 1 βŠ• Yajin Tsuya βŠ• Yajin Tsuya βŠ•
Iczer 2 βŠ• Iczer 2 βŠ•

Description: Iczer Reborn

Iczer Reborn A raging battle taking place between two warriors in space nears its end. The heroic Iczer 1 fights with all her might to stop the devilish Neos Gold from spreading her evil. Iczer 1 accomplishes her task, but not before an entire planet gets blown apart by Neos Gold, and also not before using up the last of her energy. Still, Neos Gold is halted, though not destroyed. Neither combatant has the strength to continue. Each must recover before this war will eventually be decided, yet the malicious Neos Gold has already selected the battlefield for their next conflict... Earth! In preparation for the showdown, the evil one sends her four female generals, Fiber, Golem, Insecto, and Bigro, to devastate its surface. Seems like the fun will never end!

Nagisa and Shizuka are both part-timers at a military moon base when the invasion begins, and both girls seem to be about high school age. Nagisa awakes from a nightmare, knowing that something is wrong. They quickly learn from Yajin, another part-timer at the base, that they've lost contact with one of their ships out in space. Soon, the terror reaches Earth, and one by one they witness the other bases being taken out. Its not long before the rampage infests their location as well, but with the hanger destroyed, escape seems impossible. The two young ladies cower in a corner, unsure of their next move.

Iczer Reborn Then Yajin arrives with hope for survival! He leads them to the construction bay housing a nearly completed space ship, the Queen Fuji. There they meet up with two other base personal, who are ready to get the heck out of there! Unfortunately, before they even get a chance to climb aboard their last remaining hope for escape and blast off, Nagisa finds herself being grabbed and hung upside-down by what appears to be a claw floating in mid-air. A horde of minions de-cloak to reveal that the sole survivors of the base are completely surrounded by giant metallic warrior beasts. Truly, all hope seems to be lost, but just as one of the beasts is about to strike with its razor sharp claws, it gets blown back by some unexpected force. It's Iczer 3, and she's ready to play!

Iczer 3 is Iczer 1's little sister. Like Iczer 1, she was created by Sister Grey. Though Iczer 3 had not yet fully matured, the unfortunate circumstances left Sister Grey little choice but to send the young super-being to Earth. She arrived to late to stop all the destruction, but once she appeared in the construction bay, Iczer 3 had no problem teaching those mechanical monsters who the boss was. Fiber was shocked to see another being with powers that matched Iczer 1's, but that didn't stop her from trying to take the lass out. Too bad for her that it didn't go so well, 'cause Neos Gold doesn't take kindly to failure. Fiber may have been defeated by Iczer 3, but her destruction came from the wicked one.

Iczer Reborn Once settled in, the troop heads out in their new ship to scour the Earth for survivors. Their first search mission outside the ship takes them into a swarm of odd-looking insects, similar to those that were seen destroying some of the other bases. The only one who didn't fear these creatures was Iczer 3, who ran around outside playing with them as they unsuccessfully tried to eat her. Unfortunately, the search party struck out on finding anything living other than the bugs, so they returned to the saftey of the ship... or so they thought. Once the little buggers make their way inside the ship, Iczer 3 takes off to battle Insecto, the woman controlling the pests. Being the self-proclaimed greatest warrior of the four generals, Insecto puts up a valiant fight, though it still doesn't last too much longer than Fiber did... at least, not in her first form.

Iczer Reborn Her second form is giant, like Godzilla size, so Iczer 3 goes and grabs Nagisa, claiming that she needs Nagisa's help for this. Pretty much everyone is puzzled at this point, but then Iczer 3 creates a giant robot out of thin air, and merges herself and Nagisa to it. And of course, for some reason Nagisa has to be naked and floating in some kind of liquid in order to help control this Iczer-Robo. Don't worry though, all her naughty bits are conveniently covered up. As soon as Iczer-Robo finishes off the enormous Insecto, a new battle immediately begins , this time against a holographic Neos Gold. Iczer-Robo expends all it's energy trying to conquer this hologram, allowing it to steal Iczer-Robo's Iczerian power. And don't ask me how a hologram could steal anything, 'cause I didn't understand that either.

The strain of controlling Iczer-Robo put Nagisa, unconscious, in the medical bay, while Yajin throws Iczer 3 in the brig for what she did to Nagisa. All the while, Neos Gold is using her stolen Iczerian power to create Atlas, an Iczer 3 of her own! What's going to happen with Iczer 3 goes up a foe who equates to her twin sister? Will the crew of the Queen Fuji be able to track down anyone who survived the vicious attack on their planet, or are they the lone survivors? Will Iczer 1 heal in time to resist the evil Neos Gold, or will Iczer 3 have to go it alone? All six OVA episodes are being re-released, this time on one DVD, and for only $9.95, so there's no reason to get left out of the loop. Find out what happens!

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