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Idaten JumpIdaten Jump (ιŸ‹ι§„ε€©ηΏ”) ("Great runner Sho")Idaten Jump
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Great runner Sho
52 TV episodes (24 episodes when merged)52 TV episodes (12 minutes each)
December 7, 2006Oct 1, 2005–Sept 30, 2006
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January 9, 2007 (Canada)
Trans Arts, Production I.G. (computer effects)Trans Arts, Production I.G. (computer effects)
Takayuki Hamana
Adventure, SportsAdventure, Sports
Arthur βŠ• Arthur βŠ•
· · ·
Ayumu Yamato βŠ• Ayumu Yamato βŠ•
· · ·
Gabu Samejima βŠ• Gabu Samejima βŠ•
· · ·
Hosuke βŠ• Hosuke βŠ•
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Characters: Idaten Jump

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Arthur βŠ• Arthur βŠ• Kyoichi Shido βŠ• Kyoichi Shido βŠ•
Ayumu Yamato βŠ• Ayumu Yamato βŠ• Makoto Shido βŠ• Makoto Shido βŠ•
Gabu Samejima βŠ• Gabu Samejima βŠ• Sho Yamato βŠ• Sho Yamato βŠ•
Hosuke βŠ• Hosuke βŠ• Taiga Samejima βŠ• Taiga Samejima βŠ•
Kakeru Sakamaki βŠ• Kakeru Sakamaki βŠ• Yuki βŠ• Yuki βŠ•
Koei βŠ• Koei βŠ•

Description: Idaten Jump

Originally a comic created by Toshihiro Fujiwara and serialized in Comic BomBom, Idaten Jump is about the journey of a young MTB rider named Sho Yamato and his two friends, Kakeru Sakamaki and Makoto Shido, through the strange-yet-very-similar-to-our's world known as the X-Zone; ironically the same name as where Sho spent many days with his father that had passed away AS WELL AS the place where their cookey adventure begins.

Now, in order for Sho, Kakeru, and Makoto to return home, Sho must race in many Idaten Battles (ironically named, seeing as there really isn't any fighting during the races unless you count bad-mouthing) and win to collect 10 emblems (which are the pentagon-shaped things on the front of the riders' bikes) from their opposing teams. The Idaten Battles take place on various courses, such as ghost towns, volcanos, ancient ruins, deserts, and snow-topped mountains. Will the trio make it home? Or will they be stuck in the X-Zone forever?

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