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Character Profile: Amy Stapleton

USA Info
Japanese Info
Amy Stapleton Ami Stapleton Amy Stapleton (IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix)
Human Human
Female Female
About 13 years old About 13 years old
Light Brown Light Brown
Blue Blue
About 5'0"-5'5" About 152 cm-165 cm
About 90 lbs - 100 lbs About 40.8 kg - 45.4 kg
Team Satomi midfielder/battle tactician Team Satomi midfielder/battle tactician
"Not again..."  
Hynden Walch Ryoko Ono
IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix

Character Description: Amy Stapleton

Amy Stapleton is the quiet, shy, and smartest one of Team Satomi. She has a genius like no other. Her family life was always a rough one; her parents were always busy with work, and never had time for her. With this happening, she found a hobby by sitting down, and understanding everything that she could. She is the Guard for Team Satomi, along side Takeshi and Liz.

She always has her cat, Luca, in the area. She considers Luca as the closest companion that she has, sometimes even more so than Takeshi and Liz. She may be quiet and shy, but she can fight hard. She has never let her guard down, and has passed everything she's tried; whether it be school or IG simulation tests. She also tends to be the "middlegirl" between Takeshi and Liz, who always seem to be at odds. If she wasn't there, who knows what they would do to each other.

Character Description: Amy Stapleton

Amy Stapleton is a child genius and the midfielder/battle tactician for team Satomi. She synchronizes with her cybernetically enhanced cat, Luca. Her personality is quiet and unassuming and often patches up things between her other team mates, but this sweet and soft nature shadows her respectable combat abilities.

In season 2, Amy is suspended from racing after her mech is damaged with a race against team White Snow. The coach Andrei replaces her for both the team Velshtein and Skylark races.

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