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Character Profile: Liz Ricarro

USA Info
Japanese Info
Liz Ricarro Liz Ricarro Liz Ricarro (IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix)
Human Human
Female Female
About 16-19 years old About 16-19 years old
Red Red
Blue Blue
About 5'6"-5'9" About 168 cm-175 cm
About 110 lbs About 49.9 kg
Team Satomi defender Team Satomi defender
Michelle Rodriquez Akeno Watanabe
IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix

Character Description: Liz Ricarro

Liz Ricarro is probably the toughest of Team Satomi. She always has to be the winner, always has to have it her way, and always beats on Takeshi. She is the master of her karate ways, and likes to fight and defeat Takeshi that way.

On the racetrack, she is undeniably the best defense the IG world has ever seen. She has trained her entire life to become as good as she is. She has always been that way, as she later discusses with Amy. She tends to be a little loud and sometimes obnoxious, but she doesn't like to talk about her past. She hates animals, and thinks all of them are out to kill her.

Even though Luca is part of the team, Liz thinks she is a scary cat. But, as she advances in the IG-1 along with Amy and Takeshi, she starts to loosen up on a lot of things. She talks to Luca from time to time, and tells Amy about her past. The one thing she has loosened the less, is her patience level with Takeshi. Even though he can be annoying, she watches his back under any circumstance.

Character Description: Liz Ricarro

Liz Ricarro is an orphan and her only family are her team mates and coaches. She is team Satomi's defender and a fierce opponent. Often loud and obnoxious, she's like a tomboy.

She's one of the more devoted members of the team, basically doing nothing and thinking about nothing but IGPX. Takeshi's nonchalant attitude infuriates her, but she cares for him a lot. She's also a highly-trained martial artist, and is always practicing.

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