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Shishi OuinShishi Ouin (王允 子师)Genpuo Saji (Ikki Tousen)
Genpou SajiGenpou Saji (左慈 元)
About 18 years oldAbout 18 years old
About 5'6"About 168 cm
Nanyo Academy studentNanyo Academy student
"My real name is Ouin. Shishi Ouin."
Justin GrossShoutarou Morikubo
Episode 1, "The Champions"Episode 1, "The Champions"
Ikki TousenIkkitousen

Character Description: Genpuo Saji

Saji is a fighter in Nanyo Academy. He almost got killed by Ryofu in battle, but Ryofu decided to spare him, and now he has a broken neck. He doesn't really appear in the series, because he was hidden while Hakufu, Ryomo, Koukin were looking for him.

In the last volume, Koukin was taken somewhere in school, and was locked up. Gakushu was there too. While Koukin was locked up, he finally saw their boss, Enjutsu. But however, Enjutsu was not alive. They were controlled by a dead man. Or were they? When Saji came in, Gakushu said that Saji was taken over Enjutsu's place, but he says he wasn't. He says his real name is Shishi Ouin. He send Ryofu to kill Totaku. And he was the key figure to the Three Kingdoms.

He manipulated Kannei to kill Enjutsu and become a new leader. When he did, Saji said he wasn't dead. He was moved to the place where he was sitting for a long time.

Before Totaku died, he said that Hakufu, or Ryomo should kill Saji. While in battle with Saji, Totaku's spirit went inside of her and controlled Hakufu. But his spirit disappeared, and Hakufu woke up. Then Saji said there's nothing in the world and decided to kill himself. As he jumped, Gakushu, Hakufu, and Ryomo saved him, and let him live.

Character Description: Genpuo Saji

Gempou Saji is a rather swarmy person. He likes to think of himself as a 'ladies' man' but is often secretly groping and fondling women to get his way in life. He is often trying to seduce Shimei Ryomo and Housen Ryofu (having greater success with Ryofu).

However, he is hiding more of himself! He is really Shishi Ouin, who historically was Wang Yun, who had served Dong Zhou and assassinated him during the 'Three Kingdoms' era, and is now manipulating events around him. However, he is afraid of Chuuei Toutaku, and hopes that Hakufu Sonsaku is the key to defeating him! However, Toutaku may have other plans for Ouin.

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