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Anime Profile: I'm Gonna be an Angel!

USA Info
Japanese Info
I'm Gonna be an Angel! Tenshi ni Narumon! I'm Gonna be an Angel!
2001 1999
Synch-Point HEAVEN PROJECT/Bandai Visual-Studio Pierrot-TV Tokyo
  Hiroshi Nishikiori
Comedy, Fantasy, Mecha, Romance Comedy, Fantasy, Mecha, Romance
Bun-bun Bun-bun
· · ·
Fuyuki Fuyuki
· · ·
Gabriel Gabriel
· · ·
Granny Baba
· · ·
Miruru Miruru
· · ·
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Anime Characters: I'm Gonna be an Angel!

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Bun-bun Bun-bun Sara Sara
Fuyuki Fuyuki Silky Silky
Gabriel Gabriel Yusuke Yuusuke
Granny Baba Kai --?--
Miruru Miruru Luca --?--
Miss Shinobu Shinobu-sensei Masaru --?--
Mister Dispel Mister Dispel Mikael --?--
Natsumi Natsumi Nekbet --?--
Noelle Noelle Noelle's mother --?--
Papa(Noelle's father) Papa(Noelle's father) Saiki --?--
Raphael Raphael    

Anime Description: I'm Gonna be an Angel!

On a beautiful morning, Yusuke was on his way to school, but he lost control of his bike. As he fell, he found some clothing. Then he fell off a small cliff and stumbles on a naked girl. Now everyone is calling Yusuke her husband!

Now with a girl on his back, more things start to happen. Wrestlers, aliens, robots start attacking to kidnap Noelle. But Yusuke and Noelle's family saves her from Dispel's plans.

Later at the beginning of the first season, Noelle says she wants to become an angel. But how? She uses an angel-training suit, metal wings, etc., but none work. So not only does Yusuke have an annoying girl that loves him, he also has a girl that wants to become an angel. Can things get weirder?

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