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Anime Profile: Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress - Volume II: The Perfect Love Doll

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Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress - Volume II: The Perfect Love Doll Imma Youjo Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress - Volume II: The Perfect Love Doll
1 OVA episode 1 OVA episode
Critical Mass Pink Pineapple
Hentai Hentai
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Chairman Isozaki Chairman Isozaki
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Mr. Ichiro Mr. Ichiro
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Ms. Reika Ms. Reika

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at The Right Stuf and Amazon.

Anime Description: Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress - Volume II: The Perfect Love Doll

While Imma Youjo Volume I may have felt like it could have taken place in the future, Volume II most definitely is set in the future. It's the flying cars and androids that give it away. So Mr. Ichiro is some kind of robotics wizard, as he makes android women who are not just anatomically correct, but also have voices and personalities. And apparently he's now working on creating the perfect woman! Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaa!

Meanwhile, we meet some creepy looking dude with an evil mustache who runs some joint which caters to men's fantasies, if you know what I mean... and we're talking about a hentai here so I'm sure you do. And of course, all the girls are androids, so they can be programmed to do whatever the guy wants. And the guys get to where this stupid looking helmet which makes them feel the pleasure that the android is feeling. A lovely invention by Mr. Ichiro.

And speaking of Mr. Ichiro, back over at his place it seems he's finally finished his masterpiece! But instead of activating it, he leaves it in some man-sized chamber filled with a clear liquid, while he naps on his desk. But that doesn't stop his android! She awakes anyway and steps out of the chamber, revealing a beautiful and totally nude pink-haired girl. It's Maya! So that means this must be a prequel to the first volume.

Anyways, it's happy days for Mr. Ichiro! Now he has a hot young lady to run around and frolic with, and that's exactly what he does. This being a hentai you'd kind of expect him to go straight for the sex first, but nope, this guy is a real gentleman with his Maya. Oh, but don't worry, the sex does come eventually. You knew it would, he just had to actually make sure she fell in love with him first. Yeah, apparently this android can do that! And they even have a fake wedding!

Ah, but of course there's gotta be trouble brewing, though I think this is a good place to begin concluding this profile. You wouldn't want me to give everything away, would ya?

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