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Anime Profile: Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress - Volume V: Erotic Exhibition

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Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress - Volume V: Erotic ExhibitionImma Youjo - Volume VImma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress - Volume V: Erotic Exhibition
1 OVA episode1 OVA episode
Critical MassPink Pineapple
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress - Volume V: Erotic Exhibition

We open on a completely nude buxom blond with long flowing hair and sporting a butterfly-inspired mask covering half her face. We see her tounge and nipples are pierced with hooks attached to thin threads, pulling at her bits. Then we see she is in a giant spiderweb of threads, and with he is another completely nude women who apparently represents the spider in this little sex game. Miss spider is a busty pink-haired woman body-painted up in all white, except for the occasional black stripes. This isn't just a private moment between two ladies, however. This is entertainment for a crowd of ladies and gents, all who look quite wealthy, and all who also sport masks of some sort.

Inter-cut with this spectacle of exhibitionism is Maya, the seemingly only constant of this entire series. And even she doesn't remain constant. For this episode, she is a dark-haired beauty who is starting her first day as a maid at a luxurious mansion. Tomoka, the resident maid, doesn't appear to care for Maya's arrival, but shows her the ins and outs nonetheless. The only time she acts friendly toward Maya is that night, as she hands Maya a mug of warm milk, and I'm sure you can guess why.

Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress - Volume V: Erotic Exhibition Once the milk turns out Maya's lights, Tomoka heads for the one room she told Maya never to enter without Master's permission. And once again, I'm sure you can guess what happens there. She begins to get all hot and bothered, then looses her clothes, and so on and so forth. The next day, Maya meets Master's son, Masao... and lets just say that this guy appears to have some issues that need working out. So that night Tomoka goes through the same routine as before, only this time the cup blows off the nightstand and wakes Maya up. She wanders down to the forbidden room where she hears strange noises, and as she peeks inside she sees Tomoka all tied up with some red rope, with Master and his driver/bodyguard, Hawiwara, having their way with her.

Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress - Volume V: Erotic Exhibition Before she overhears their entire conversation, she passes out and is found by Masao, who carries her back to her room. Then begins the trickery. Master has Tomoka intentionally break a "valuable" vase using a string when Maya is the only one in the room so that they can blame her for it. Thus they get to to say that she'll do anything to make up for it, at which point her home becomes the forbidden room, and her uniform becomes her birthday suit. Her training begins with the watching of Tomoka pleasuring Master to see how it's done. That's followed up by Tomoka pleasuring the still restrained Maya. And after that... well, I'll just let you watch to find that out.

Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress - Volume V: Erotic Exhibition Eventually, it becomes time for Tomoka's "debut", whatever that is supposed to mean. Fortunately, it doesn't take long to find out. Tomoka is going to entertain the audience we saw in the opening scene. But she doesn't have a mask and isn't painted up like a spider. She has on gloves, stockings, one rose in each hand, one in her mouth, and one in an area that I will avoid mentioning. As she begins her erotic dance, when start to intercut with Maya, who is now in the presence of Masao. He's there to rescue her, but she instantly goes for his pants, unzipping his fly and... well, I'm sure you can figure it out from there. Masao, not surprisingly, puts up no resistance to her feminine advances. Guess rescue will have to wait!

Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress - Volume V: Erotic Exhibition Back at the exhibition, two new entries from a different collector join in on Tomoka's parade. They are a big, blond-haired muscle man and a petite bond-haired nymphomaniac. Apparently the name of the game is whomever orgasams first looses, and although Tomoka puts up a good effort, she eventually succumbs to the tag team effort of the blond beauties. Needless to say, Master isn't happy about this at all, and vows to get Maya ready to debut for the next exhibition. Of course, those who have watched the previous installments in the series pretty much know what's going to happen from here on out. And for those that don't know, pick up a copy and see for yourself!

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