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Infinite RyviusMugen No Ryvius (無限のリヴァイアス) ("Infinite Ryvius")Infinite Ryvius
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Infinite Ryvius
26 TV episodes26 TV episodes
October 21, 2003Oct 6, 1999–March 29, 2000
Bandai Ent, The Ocean GroupSUNRISE, Bandai Visual, TV Tokyo, Yomiko Advertising Inc.
Hajime Yadate
Goro Taniguchi
Action, Sci-Fi, DramaAction, Sci-Fi, Drama
Aires BlueAires Blue
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Cliff KeiCliff Kei
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Juli BahanaJuli Bahana
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Characters: Infinite Ryvius

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Aires Blue Aires Blue Heigan ⊕ Heigan ⊕
Aoi Aoi Ikumi Oze ⊕ Ikumi Oze ⊕
Charlie Charlie Kouji Aiba ⊕ Kouji Aiba ⊕
Cliff Kei Cliff Kei Kozoe Izumi ⊕ Kozoe Izumi ⊕
Juli Bahana Juli Bahana Nat ⊕ Nat ⊕
Lucson Houjou Lucson Houjou Ran ⊕ Ran ⊕
Michelle Kei Michelle Kei Yuuki Aiba ⊕ Yuuki Aiba ⊕
Pat Campbell Pat Campbell

Description: Infinite Ryvius

Infinite Ryvius is about this training school in space that was almost destroyed by some hijackers. The teachers are all killed, and the trainees are all trapped in a ship-type thing called the Ryvius. While all 487 students on board wait to be rescued, they are actually mistaken as terrorists and branded as outlaws. Also on board is a robot called the Vital Guarder. The Ryvius is controlled by Aires Blue, Ikumi, and the piloting crew. The Ryvius and the Vital Guarder are always in battles because the government is constantly after them.

Kouji is the main character, and he tries to keep everything sane... but doesn't usually succeed. Kouji and his brother, Yuuki, are always getting into fights.

Neeya is another main character. She is part of the Ryvius, and she gets hurt whenever the Vital Guarder is hurt. She potects the Ryvius with a barrier, sort of.

Description: Infinite Ryvius

Infinite Ryvius is a Science Fiction anime that takes place in the year 2225. It's been decades since the Solar System was dramatically changed by the arrival of the Geduld. The Geduld is a cosmic anomaly that originated from the sun, resulting in a deadly sea of plasma that spread out through the Solar System. While this resulted in much detestation for the Earth, it also sped up the process of humanity's exploration into space.

Soon enough the entire Solar System was colonized by humanity, although the Geduld still made Space travel much more dangerous. The story focuses on a group of teenagers preparing to train and study at the Liebe Delta. Koji Aiba is one of the many students leaving for the prestigious school. However, disaster strikes when the station plummets into a sea of Geduld. Things get even worse when all of the adults mysteriously wind up murdered.

Now, only the teenage population remains, struggling to survive with the little experience that they have. They all take refuge within a gigantic and mysterious ship known as the Ryvius. Waiting to be rescued, the survivors become hunted by many of Earth's governments. However, as the battle for survival goes on and tensions mount day by day, the biggest threat to the Ryvius' survival may be within themselves....

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