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Juli BahanaJuli BahanaJuli Bahana (Infinite Ryvius)
Juli onee-chan (by Pat)
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Captain (by the crew)
Captain of the RyviusCaptain of the Ryvius
"We have less than 14 hours before the Liebe Delta goes down."
Kelly SheridanKyoko Hikami
Infinite RyviusMugen No Ryvius

Character Description: Juli Bahana

A member of the Zwei elite class, Juli Bahana is also the one who holds the top grades in the group. She is a level-headed person, who often must take charge from a scared and panicking Lucson. Juli has, many times, sent out as SOS to any neighboring spacecraft and planets, begging for help, yet due to the Geduld, there is almost always interference.

She wisely kept her head and stayed in the background when Team Blue staged their coup, and hence as the newly-chosen leader of the Zwei worked in close contact with Aires Blue, who ordered her to attend the Ryvius party and even gave her a dress to wear. She was nearby when Blue ordered the Vital Guarder to attack the Blue Impulse (the resulting battle of which destroyed Blue's homeland, Saturn's moon Hyperion), and tried to offer comfort which the gang leader immediately refused. After the successful revolt against Team Blue, at which Juli was received as the new captain of the Ryvius, she beat herself over the head for not realizing and admitting it sooner: That she had fallen in love with Aires Blue.

Her newly-acquired position as supreme leader of the Ryvius was extremely stressful. Students were refusing to follow orders and the unfair point system set up by Team Blue, which allowed people to earn essentials, was retained and much despised as it gave an unlimited-point precedence to the bridge crew, the Zwei, and the Vital Guarder pilots. After yet another attack, at which several people on board the Ryvius were killed when the sector 192 received a direct hit, the blame fell upon Juli. Such was the pressure and the guilt that she has since resigned as captain, and as a result the ship may well fall into anarchy.

Note: One of Juli's messages was received by a Captain Conrad who perceived the transmission as a fake and decided that the Ryvius must be piloted by terrorists using synthesizers to sound like children. Conrad gave the order for the Ryvius to be attacked and destroyed, unaware that there indeed were some 487 students aboard.

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