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Character Profile: Hakudoushi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Hakudoushi Hakudoushi(白童子) Hakudoushi (InuYasha)
Akago Akago
Demon Demon
Male Male
Less then one(starts as a baby, then looks 5) Less then one(starts as a baby, then looks 5)
White White
Purple Purple
Naraku's detachment Naraku's detachment
"That's Naraku's privlege"  
Chiara Zanni Ai Kobayahi
InuYasha InuYasha

Character Description: Hakudoushi

Akago/Hakudoushi is Naraku's detachment, created while Naraku was undergoing his transformation into a true demon at Mount Hakurei. Of all of his incarnations, Naraku treasures Akago the most, as his life depended on Akago's well being.

Akago has the power to go into the darkness of people's hearts, using his host's abilities as his own. He even momentarily possessed Kagome, as her ability to find the Shikon Jewels is useful in his mission to find the final Shikon Jewel Shard by attacking the monk who safeguarded the seal of Rengokuki Entei. But the attempt ended up with Akago sliced into two by the monk with the last of his strength. However, the half of Akago left with Kagura regenerated/matured from one half and was given dominion over his new bodyguard/nanny with the name of Hakudoushi.

The other half of his body regenerated into the infant, who not only the source of not only the very existence of Naraku, but Hakudoushi's life as well, hiding away for a while while Hakudoushi became the master of the demon horse called Entei after killing off Rengokuki and taking his halbred as his own. Hakudoushi eventually learned of his new power to read the minds of the dying, revealing that the final Shikon shard is at the gateway into the land of the dead. As a result, he goes on a killing spree at human and demon alike to catch brief glimpses to give him clue of the gateway's location.

Later, Hakudoushi starts to conspire with his other half in taking out Naraku by creating the ultimate body for Akago to use to act on his own for that purpose, Moryoumaru. However, Naraku learned of this and rendered Hakudoushi defenseless as Miroku sucked him into his Wind Tunnel as Akago/Moryoumaru escapes.

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