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Anime Profile: Inuyasha: The Final Act

USA Info
Japanese Info
Inuyasha: The Final Act Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen(犬夜叉 完結編) Inuyasha: The Final Act
26 TV Episodes 26 TV Episodes
  October 3, 2009–March 29, 2010
Viz SUNRISE/Shogakukan Co., Ltd./Animax/Yomiuri TV
  Rumiko Takahashi
  Yasunao Aoki
Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
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Inuyasha Inuyasha
· · ·
Jaken Jaken
· · ·
Kaede Kaede
· · ·
Kagome Higurashi Kagome Higurashi
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Inuyasha: The Final Act

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Inuyasha Inuyasha Kohaku Kohaku
Jaken Jaken Miroku Miroku
Kaede Kaede Naraku Naraku
Kagome Higurashi Kagome Higurashi Rin Rin
Kagome's Mom Kagome's Mom Sango Sango
Kagura Kagura Sesshomaru Sesshomaru
Kanna Kanna Shippo Shippou
Kikyo Kikyou Souta Higurashi Souta Higurashi
Koga Koga    

Anime Description: Inuyasha: The Final Act

Taking place where the original Inuyasha anime left off, The Final Act brings the ongoing story of Kagome and Inuyasha's hunt for the Sacred Jewel Shards to a close. Their elusive enemy Naraku still lurks and seeks to take the Jewel Shards for himself. Finally, hoping to put an end to insidious Naraku once and for all, they face incredible opposition on their final path to the completion of the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls. Will they finally conquer their greatest enemy? And what will happen once Kagome and Inuyasha's mission is complete?

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