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JakotsuJakotsu (蛇骨)Jakotsu (InuYasha)
Undead HumanBourei
Male (appears female)Male (appears female)
21 years old (not including when he was dead)21 years old (not including when he was dead)
Attack Captain of the Band of SevenAttack Captain of the Shichinin-tai
"You were tracking me by scent, so I thought I'd give you something to work with."
Jen ForgieAi Orikasa
Episode 102Episode 102

Character Description: Jakotsu

Jakotsu is third in command of the Shichinin-tai, a group of seven warriors who were once the scourge of the Northeastern provinces. Because of their grotesque methods of murder (hacking people into pieces and burning them to ashes), the Daimyou of the area sent out warriors to kill them. The warriors chased the Shichinin-tai through the mountains to a deserted village in the north. Then the seven Shichinin-tai warriors were decapitated and buried in the Shichinin Graves. Ten years after the reappearance of the Shikon no Tama, Naraku placed seven of the shards he possessed in the dead mercenaries' throats, bringing them to life as zombies.

Jakotsu hates women, and he kills them first. Before he kills the men, he plays around with them (if they're cute). He also has no problem killing children for the Shichinin-tai's own personal gain.

Jakotsu's most obvious trait is that he is a transvestite or just an effeminate cross-dresser, as he wears lipstick, hairpins, and pink/purple clothes. Another obvious trait is that he is a homosexual with an attraction to InuYasha and Miroku.

Somewhat unrelated to the topic, some believe Jakotsu and Bankotsu have a relationship running deeper than teamwork or friendship. It is unknown whether this is true or not, but I seriously doubt it. I think they are more like brothers than anything else.

I'm told Jakotsu's name means "Snake Bone" or "Snake Skill" in Japanese.

Character Description: Jakotsu

Jakotsu is one of the most boldest members of the Shichinin-tai or the Band of Seven. He has attributes that of a female (and might be a transvestite). He hates women and is especially hateful of the priestess Kikyo, who scares the fishsticks out of him.

Jakotsu is third in command of the Band of Seven, being second is Renkotsu and first is the bruteful Bankotsu. Anyway, Jakotsu cannot be killed unless the jewel shard is ripped from his neck like the other members of the Band of Seven.

One of the most fiendish characters in the whole series Jakotsu either gets down to business of assassinating his victim or if they are really cute or attractive he toys with them. If his enemy is a woman though he kills without an instant of thought. In one of the episodes he was ordered to kill two children. His words were "Why do I always have to do the dirty work?", which could indicate that he may be fond of children... but not enough to not kill them!

He almost died at the hands of Sesshoumaru if it wasn't for his special ability of having a jewel shard of the shikon in his neck.

Also Jakotsu is Bankotsu's most reliable partner in the Shichinin-tai and they are very close, Bankotsu even cries when he realizes how much Jakotsu means to him as a partner.

On a sad note Jakotsu does die, one of the Band of Seven kill him... but you'll just have to watch the show and find out who kills him.

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